2 years ago i lost the love of my life,at first i never talked to him but i noticed him i didnt think he noticed me though.but he did,to my surprise he had as much as a crush on me as i did toward him.we started hanging out more and more,then it developed into a relationship.i had so much fun with him and i felt so comfortable with him,i never felt that way about anyone,the little things he did were the little things i loved.i began to fall for him,everything was so perfect.it was everything i wanted and so was he,he said all the right things,he did all the right things.then i fell in love with him,we told each other we loved each other all the time,we went out for about a year but then he started to change near the end.he was different,he acted different,i was afraid he wasnt interested in me anymore.he told me it was nuthing like that,i guess he had alot of things going on in his life and i completely understood and i was there for him.but all i did to try and save the relationship wasnt enough he left me for his ex,i was so heartbroken,i couldnt understand why.even when that happened he still acted the same way toward me like the way he was in the beginning it was like he was playing mind games with me.we were on and off after that,why i kept dating him? i dont kno why after wut he did to me,i guess love makes u do crazy things.we started arguin more and more then i was just tired of it,and one day i dont know we just stopped talking.i didnt even try to fix it,it was my choice to let him go,but i didnt want to but i did anyway.i havent seen him for two years now...and ive been heartbroken ever since,i think about him often....i just cant stop thinking of why i did it,maybe i was sick and tired? maybe i was frusturated? i dont know all i know is....i let go of the one person i ever truly loved.

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Mr Right is still out htere looI later found someone that truely loved us so please dont give upop on Love ,,<br />
king for you ..<br />
You deserve someone that will love you the way you deserve to be loved ...<br />
I have been heart broken before my ex left me with 3 kids and went off with a girl friend ...<br />

Oh sweety i still remember my first love ... and that was 12 yrs ago ... It will get easier i know its been a long time now .. we all have this desire to love and want to be loved .. one day you will meet the person that will cherish you the way you cherish them and maybe one day it will be him you never know ..

maybe the one person you ever loved so far, but the more you grow and know yourself, the more capable you are of loving and being loved completely. and DAMN does love make you do crazy things...i've been through and through it, and isnt it crazy how you dont even think about it while youre going through it, its like theres no other option...youre not alone :)

As sad as it is, and as stupid as what i am going to say is to hear, life will go on, i PROMISE!! i lost my husband of 13 years, that 3 years later i still love, but sadly if only one person is IN love, there is nothing you can do. i have dated a bit since my marriage broke up, but haven't found someone special enough for me to fall in love with BUT i know he does exist and when the time is right we will look. So as i said, i am sorry you are hurting, it is SO hard to lose someone you love, for me it feels like a death. i still sometimes even now, 3 years later, expect him to walk through the door at 630pm and our evening would start with dinner with the kids and sharing the days events while enjoying our 2 sons. Sadly that day will never come, BUT iy is getting easier and i have met some GREAT guys!! Treat yourself well, and open your heart just a tiny bit, so if another special guy comes your way, AND he will, then at least HE will know, that at least you are open to the possibility of perhaps loving him and believe it or not, you may find that your love for the next wonderful man in your life MIGHT be even better then your last love. Hang in there!! Hugs