Your Work Called...

Your work called... The person that was supposed to fill in for you didn't show. What the ****... my mom said as she started looking for the phone to call her work back. She was furious, her job was on the line because someone else decided to be irresponsible and not stick to their word. Iv'e pointed out in a previous story that we are people of human nature and in that nature it is natural for us to make promises that we break. But what is not natural and what is not ok is breaking promises that can screw up others lives, jobs, families, and personal lives. Just take responsibility for your actions if you say your going to take someones hours then you'll be damned if you don't show up for them, while someone else is out there saying what the ****... looking for a phone.
paris1213 paris1213
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013