I had unprotected sex and that following week I had my period now I'm 2 weeks late and my stomach hard N my friend thinks I'm getting bigger.
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18-21, F
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R u pregnent? You should know by now


Lol, really!!! She is 13-15 grow up!!!!

thats the funny part!

Nobody asked to ol old *** to comment on my shyt mind ya business if you not gone say nothing that has to go with what I put you dismissed


Ikr who has unprotected sex?

Ya momma duh waist of a good nut looking *****

I care what you think because ? Bye go do what old people do in there 50s

A very young girl, or maybe you at some point!!! If the circumstances were right and you had no choice, you know you would too!!!

Good luck little girl, you will need it

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How long ago was the unprotected sex?

June 30th

It maybe still too early for you to b showing! Can you get a pregnancy test?