I don't see life as a game, but it can be compared to a game. I can imagine life being compared to a game of chess. Pawns can represent the first years of your life, such as getting through your education. There are always mistakes and sacrifices you have to make along the way to get to where you need to go. Everyone will definitely lose some, most, or even all of their pawns. Things you know are necessary, is a straight shot move, like the rooks in chess. Things that are necessary like finishing your education to get the sufficient job you need to provide for yourself and maybe a family. Knights have to go through obstacles and cut through corners to set up moves and clear a way for you to move ahead, like we pay bills, paying for things you need and all that good stuff. The bishops are either quick moves or long shots. With a clear path you can make your move, and maybe think three moves ahead to TRY avoid mistakes and accidents. With the king and queen, no body can guess what will happen then, because it's too far up in time to know an outcome. Everyone needs to know their game to get through it.
I'm only 17, and I already lost too many pieces. That was my mistake I couldn't avoid or see three moves ahead.
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That is deeper than my idea of life and chess. I think life being similar to chess in a way. Pawns are people who are being used by other people, like people working for others, like at burger king or something. Knights are like police or soldiers that watch over something. Bishops are the big bosses or simply people that have followers, like the pope. Rooks are just houses. Queens and kings are the few that rule over countries, lands, or even the world.

Something like that.. lol, not much thought is given into this.

Trying is the only thing that matters. And I still think that yours is good