I Feel Like Ive Lost the Plot

im so mad at lilttle things in life that shudant really matter to anyone im sad all the time i feel like nobody (friend wise) really care or never have i just feel so low a friend askt me today who i ant spoke to in two years he said sarah you dont seem happy anymore whats up .? i replied im nuffink nuffink matters anymore im waiting to die feels like my like is not worth livein becuse theres nothink init everytime i get to a high point i losse it and every time i fall harder i cryed about that afta i said to my mom i wish i was in a coma last night and i never woke up im 17 i have no life no real friends im just a normal girl whos trying to make it in this world but everytime i get close the rug is pulled and everythink falls off and breaks in to millions of lilttle problems when is this gonna end when am i going to live life the way i want it   i make it out i hate my lilttle sis whos 14 i dont hate her i hate what she has that ive always wantdid a life gd friends a future ......somethink i feel ill never have i yarn to hold my first child but i never think ill have that chance becuse if i dont love myself who ever will i like livein in the momment that once made me so happy becuse i didant need to dream it anymore it was reality and its all gone !........</3

sarah7712 sarah7712
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2009