Eyeno Is An Awesome Man Of Faith

I have known Eyeno for about 18 months and I have discovered what an terrific man he is !

A fellow Christian, he has an awesome working knowledge of the Bible, and *live and breathes* every word !

A compassion man with the biggest heart of gold, no-one would guess he struggled so many years to raise his son on his own.  As a fellow single parent, I can appreciate the trial he has faced.   His son now in college, he is a very happy and proud Dad.

He is one of the few men on this site who always has an uplifting word to share with anyone in need of a boast, and even if you are having a good day, his sunny smile and comments always puts one in a better frame of mind.

He is one of God's angel, living a life of Love thy neighbour, spread hope through the Gospel, and always help another person on their journey through this life.
c8lorraine c8lorraine
2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

he is awesome

He certainly is and he will not turn anyone away.He will send me simple gestures that certainly light up my spirit.He is truly blessed.