It Is True!!

He is soooooooooooo LUSH!!!... look at his cute little face and yet he look all evil and manly and stuff I want him!... he is just the pure sex really, simple as

OMG LOOK AT THAT BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......... he makes me go in my pant!... *sex wee*

and watch this!!... mmmm mm!

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20 Responses Mar 1, 2010

:( I dont have one of my bestest friends.... *sobs*

I changed yours when you thought you changed mine.... it its rubber so it just had no effect at all..<br />
<br />
puts a gun to your head and fires a bullet to your brain!!!! <br />
<br />

*stakes you through the heart* wooooo I win :)

:O<br />
*tweaks nipples*

*slaps face*

*vanishes then re-appears behind your back to get you in a head lock*

LMAO!!<br />
<br />
Its on!!!

hands off ***** ****... he is mine!!! ooooo I sound like Bill... *shows fangs*

I would be happy to devour him without it :D

LOL shhh you... actually I like cheese... but I don't like cheesy smelling Erics...

.....a cheesy dream...hehe

YAY!!!! *high five JP* he can pull it off though cause he is just a dream!!...

I have to keep coming back here and watching the youtube clip and I now have that picture as my desktop OMG I AM OBSESSED!!! <br />
Obsessions are never good right?....

Hehe sorry....

LALA!!!!!!!!.... :( I like him.. I bet he smells like sex... you know all hot and steamy and riled up ready for round two!<br />
HELL YEA im here baby come get it! ;) thats what I think... no cheese..<br />
<br />
SLEEPLESS!!! look what she said about Eric :(

Hehe I dunno, just like you'll sniff him and cheese

EWWWWWW cheesey???? why so?

I'll cuff him up and kick him around a lil bit, in the goooood kinda way, but meh.....I dunno, he looks like he'd smell cheesy

he is aloud to be arrogant he is ERIC and he is all dead and ****.. he makes death look sexy<br />
<br />
oh and to the annoyance of sleepless i had a sex dream about him and he was goooooooooooood!!!<br />
<br />
do you not want him even a little lala...

Hmmm...he has nice eyes, a cheeky grin, but look arrogant........sowwy!