Without God, Life Is Meaningless!!

Without God, life is meaningless!!

So many people have different opinions about life but the bottom line is that you can never have peace if you do not have God. Anyone who does not believe and trust in God lives a life full of misery, curses, broken relationships, confusion, failure, regrets, disagreements, worry and fear. Everyone should be reminded that they just did not happen in this life, no one just found themselves in existence and that is all. There is a supernatural power behind our existence. Anyone who believed there was no God and so can not believe in God have always lived a life full of confussion. Some trust in idolatry, divination, witchcraft and cults but such has just complicated things in the period of their existence here. The wages of sin is death and indeed many have died pre-mature death yet God's plan was that they get to their destiny. You can never make wrong decisions about life and expect to be happy. Unfortunately, wrong understanding about God has made many to be resentful even towards their only Creator-the Giver of life! Every bad thing happening in the world today is as a result of poor relationships between people and GOD. Remember, we live consequences of actions we took in the past.

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Well everybody will either have the Mark of the beast are the seal of God on their four head at the close of probation that is the time. When everything comes to a final conclusion when God separates the goats from the sheep the ones that are sealed with his name separated from the ones that have the Mark of the beast which means during the time of tribulation those who have the seal of God will be protected from the seven last plagues nothing will be able to hurt them but those who have the Mark of the beast there is no protection for them and when the probation closes they have no more chance their hearts or have already been so hardened that there's no chance for them to repent
And the Bible says those who have the seal of God are those who keep all of his commandments every single one of them including the seventh day Sabbath because the sabbath commandment is the only commandment that speaks of the seal that is God Seal on his people those who keep his holy Sabbath day
And those that have the Mark of the beast are the ones who follow the antichrist that will proclaim it illegal to worship on God's holy Sabbath day and he will proclaim that Sunday is the new Sabbathday and that anyone who worships on any other day will be killed

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