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i realy enjoy  sharing my past experince with other people like my self.  at the age of 13, i was recieving my first blow job from my atheletic couch. it was at a football feild in illinois. i tried out for the football team, but was to lite in weight to make it.  the couch took me aside and said i,d be more sudeble for track. after nunning around the track a few times he told me to go to the showers in the school house. about half hour later he came in and showored in the shower next to me. there was a small wall between us.he looked over my way and asked if he coild comme over to me and wash my back. i said yes. so he did. after he washed my back he rinced me all over and had me stand on a small bench out side the showers. as he was drying me off he gave me my first blow job. it felt very good. i didnt want him to stop. after that first blow job, i looked for any accuse to stay affer school and be on the track and feild team,hoping to be with my couch. and showering with him again. it happend again the next day. i cound,t get enouch. i wanted it moe and more. i really looked forword to thoughs showers. it felt great. i didn,t want them to ever stop. i would almost give anything to relive tho,s  experience,s  to day. if anybody  is readind this i would really like to relieve  thease experinces. i live in prescott arizona now, am retired and long for a man or a woman who loves to give blow jobs to come over to my house and we,ll have fun. o by the way. i,m a very early day person. up at 5;30 in the moring and uselly go to bed around 10;30 p;m. but feal free to call me 24/7. i would like to get into the swinging seen, but i don,t have a partner.  i,m also bi-sexaul.  my measurments are 5ft. 7in.  dblack hair. 155lbs. i love to stay home and have people come over and watch long movies with me. i also love to be touched and fondle a lot. i like to hug and kiss a lot. i,m looking to meet some one who would love to baby me a lot. i need a lot of attenion. if you are close to my measurements i may reciprocate? i do not like fat people. sorry. 10 pounds over no big deal.  you must start the playing when you come over. my name is sam. 928-775-9180. thank you.

sam4fun2010 sam4fun2010
70+, M
Mar 2, 2010