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Rearranged Meetings To Watch

There must be hundreds of places that are known for being places where people go to watch or be watched, while they **********. Very close to my work, such a place exsists. I found it by accident, and return regularly to watch a man (or men) **********. This is something I enjoy so much, I've found myself skipping lunch just to watch one man after another play with himself until he ****, then returning after work, but had to restrict myself to just once trip a week.

I love watching the hand go up and down the ****; I'm not much of a fan of the two finger mini strokes, but will watch if nothing else is available. That grunt when a man comes, along with the look of pure joy as he's doing this is so hot. Sometimes, I get so excited I have to pleasure myself while I watch!

Then that magic moment comes when he moans, his body stiffens and his *** squirts out of his hard, angry looking ****. A few will lick their hands clean... mmmm *shiver*

I can never grow tired of this.
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My gf watches me for a bit then starts helping and its all for me damn its hot (of course I return the favor) or make her happy first what a great time!

I would love to find one of these places, to ********** for women (or anyone who wants to watch). I've tried to arrange meetings with women I jerk on cam for, and had two chances but the women backed out at the last minute. Can't blame them, but I wish I could finally arrange it. Love for them to tell me what to do and how to do it ,and when to ***. I would never ask them to touch me or expose them selves (unless they wanted to); No pressure; just me ******* for them.

I would love to know where one of these places that you speak of are. I think I would enjoy participating, for sure.