I Want Him To Use Me When He's Almost Done

The thought of my man rubbing one off in front of me only to simply deposit his *** on me or in me gets me so hot. I want to be his cumrag. It's degrading to think that he wants it quick and easy so it's easier to jerk himself of rather than bother with getting me ready and dealing with ******* me and the mess that comes afterward. I simply want to be the place he shoots his load. I want him to tell me how i'm too much trouble while he yanks, then I want him to tell me all I am is his *** dumpster. When he is close, I want him to command me over and tell me in his dominant voice that he wants to *** somewhere specific. He might say "Get over here so I can cream your face" our he may command me to put my as in the air so he can shoot his **** all over my ***. The idea of him not ******* me but ************ in front of me then using my ***** as a place to blow is degradingly delicious.
For him to treat me like i'm not worthy of ******* gets me so hot... I want him to tell me what to do while he jerks off, maybe I need to dance for him or touch myself of talk dirty. I love it when he makes me beg to ***. I picture me laying on the floor, his **** over me, him pumping back and forth, taking his time while he makes me wait.. him saying "I don't think you deserve my ***, you little ****. I don't even think your worthy of being my cumrag!" Of course I'll be so ready and wanting I'll beg him for it and tell him how I'll be good, no better than I've been lately. When he's ready to come, he'll ask "are you ready cumslut? I'm going to come all over you...Yeah, take it, *****. Takeall that ***. Lick it. Swallow it. All of it."
Then he'll lift himself upand pull his pants back on, leaving me, the cumrag to finish and clean up on my own.
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4 Responses May 12, 2012

The idea of using a girl as a human *** rag is hot.

I'd do that for you. Add me?

I have really gotten back into this with my husband with one twist. I love for him to *** all over both of us. I can actually handle it in my hair when we do this and that is a Big deal. I am thankful he **** in great volume and can about every 18 minutes.

My girlfriend just got off the pill and we don't want a baby yet so I cant *** inside her anymore. I really don't want to pull out though because I like the way it feels when i *** inside a *****. What I need is for you to come over and be our human condom. I'm going to **** my girlfriend really good but right when I'm about to *** I'm going to pull out and stick it in you instead and shoot my *** inside you. You don't get to participate in our sex session either. We have no interest in you other than as a receptacle for my *****.<br />
<br />
Sound like a plan?