Sunlit Garden

The day is slightly warm, but there is a hint of breeze in the air as we walk through the garden. Color abounded everywhere from the Impatient's, Marigolds, Petunia's, and Mountain Pinks. The sunlight dances off your skin, as the leaves sway in the breeze. Maybe it’s the sunlight on your skin, or the rustling of the leaves in the breeze, or the way the sunlight is bringing out the highlights in your hair. Maybe it’s a combination of all of them together, but all I know is that I want you, desire you, and have to have you right here and now.

I come up behind you putting my arms around your waist as I draw you close to me. Your hair so close, tickling me as I breathe in and smell the sweet fragrance that is you. I feel my pressure begin to grow as I hold you tight against me. I release one arm from your waist and place my hand on your arm, your skin is cool to the touch, yet there is also a heat below the surface that I can feel. Is it the sun warming your skin, or your own passion beginning to swell within you?

My hand slides up your arm, my finger tips gently brushing against your neck as I pull your hair back. I lean in, my lips touch your neck as I kiss you. I feel the slight shiver that passes through you at my touch.

I hold you to me, savoring the moment, the closeness of you, taking all of you in, thinking how lucky I am.

My lips find your ear, placing soft kisses on it as I whisper “I Love You”

You sigh softly as you say “I want you”

You break away from my embrace, turning to face me. Your lips meet mine soft, tender, your tongue brushing lightly against my lips.

You let out a laugh, that sweet musical laugh of yours, you turn away and run off through the garden as you say, “I’m yours if you can catch me”

I take off in pursuit.
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Thank you eight...a picnic...hmmmmm

Sorry to disappoint aces, maybe next time :-)

Oh rats, I was hoping to see a woman pic in this EP.