Dp: Always Tried, Never Succeeded Pt 2

(For their benefit, whether they care or not, I am going to change the names of the friends in this story. It's been years since this has happened, but they asked me to keep it secret at the time, and I hold my promises.)

The second time I attempted DP was with another couple. It was years after Brea and I had broken up, and I had moved back home. Some friends of mine had had a girlfriend for a while as their third, but dumped her due to her turning into a completely different person. Since then, they felt that something was missing.

A couple nights before they dumped her, we were all wandering around a convention deliriously drunk. We were there with a lot of friends. I had been friends with them for a long time, and while flirting between me and "I" had been always light and harmless, tonight it got pretty heavy. At one point when I was walking back from the smoke pit and "I" was walking towards, she suddenly pinned me up against a wall.

"I" is, literally, a slave to her boyfriend "G". They introduce themselves as master and slave, and "I" does everything he wants. It makes them happy and "G" treats her well, so I don't see a problem with it. Seeing "I" suddenly so aggressive was a shock to me, and having this 5'2 hourglass figured redhead pin me up against a wall was a gigantic turn on.

She put her elbow under my throat and asked me why I looked so nervous. Drunk as I was, I admitted that it was because I had always wanted her. She blushed hard, then leaned in and kissed me even harder before pulling away, leaving bite marks on my lower lip, smiled at me hungrily, then walked off. At the time I shrugged it off as a drunken make out session until a week later when they kicked out their girlfriend and were suddenly very interested in me.

"G" came to me one day and talked to me about the fact that I had kissed "I" and what I told her. I told him the truth, figuring if they had a girlfriend at one point, I had nothing to be afraid of. "G" and I were close friends, and so we talked for a long time about the merits of "I". He brought me inside to their bedroom, and we all lay and talked for a long time, clothed, about what kinds of things we were all in to, and what kinds of sexual activities we were comfortable with and had done before.

I admitted to them that if I get horny enough everything is fair game. "G" smiled at this and looked at "I", who suddenly seemed very nervous.

"I've always wanted to try double-vagina with a girl. I've been working on "I" enough that I can fist her sometimes, and if you're willing, I think we can do it." I stammered a bit, even though my **** was rock hard in my pants, and told them it might not be possible. When "I" asked, "Why not? You don't seem nervous!" I sighed and pulled out my semi-hard ****. I'm not huge, but I'm still pretty big at 9" long and really thick around. If you've read my previous story (part 1) you've seen that I've had problems with similar activities before.

They both started at my **** for a bit, embarrassing me a little to the point where I started to lose what little hardness I had. When "I" saw this, she leaned up a bit ("I" was on her back cuddling with "G" who was leaning against the back of the bed, and I was on the edge of the bed on her side) and grabbed my ****, pouting and asking, "Don't I turn you on?"

I nodded, open mouthed, as she pulled open her robe completely, showing off her amazing body. She tugged on my ****, using it like a handle to move me around on top of her as if I was about to mount her, and rubbed my **** head against her shaved *****. "G" told me I couldn't **** her yet, to which "I" pouted as she had already pulled my **** head inside her while he was talking, but told me I could jack off on her. I sadly pulled my wet **** head out of her ***** and he frowned at her but told me to continue. Over the next half hour I ***** ****** her, let her suck my **** head and balls, and eventually came all over her ****, stomach, and *****. "G" smiled, said we'd talk about more later, then asked me to get out of the room as he rolled on top of her to **** her, still covered in my ***.

The entire next week was hell. "G" and "I" had never had a ********* with another guy before, nor had "I" slept with another guy since getting with "G", so was eager to prove how much of a **** she was. I visited their house often, and randomly she would grab me, pin me against a wall, kiss me, and reach in to my pants to fondle my ****. She would text me, ordering me to send her pictures of me hard, or jacking off, even while I was at work or on a date with a girl. She would follow me into the bathroom, get on her knees, and suck my **** until I was about to *** before winking at me and leaving me hard and frustrated. I'm still not sure to this day if "G" actually knew about any of this going on.

Finally the day they had planned on came. Their roommate, who was unfortunately a light sleeper, went on a camping trip. That night we all hung out in the livingroom before finally going back to the bedroom.

I'm trying to remember how everything went. I remember that, since she was a slave to "G", she was in charge of me. She had me licking her shaved ***** and nibbling her **** until she came. After this I was allowed to finger her and lick her **** until she came again. Finally she pushed me on my back, slid down my body, and started giving me one of the best ******** I have ever had. She could take so much down her throat, got it nice and wet, and always seemed to know right when I was about to *** so she could stop and instead lean up and push her boobs in my face so I could suck and nibble on them.

Finally she seemed to have enough, climbed on top of me, and slid her ***** all the way down my length. About half way down she stopped herself, said "Oh my god!" and pushed herself the rest of the way, moaning the entire way down until I was engulfed in her. I stared down at her body as she started grinding on top of me back and forth, moaning, her head thrown back, and was struck by just how beautiful she really was as another ****** hit her.

Finally she collapsed on me, and as I grabbed her hips and pumped up in to her exhausted body, "G", who had been watching this entire time, climbed on to the bed behind her. He told her to hold still, which she instantly did, and he replaced my hands on her hips. I squeezed her breasts while I watched him move in behind her and between my legs, then felt the strangest sensation ever: His **** pushing in to her ***** beside mine.

I froze while this happened. "G" wasn't as big as me, maybe 6" long when hard, and skinnier. Feeling his smaller **** push in above mine, stretching her already wet *****, was very strange. It didn't hurt, but it made her suddenly get a lot tighter as the head popped in. She screamed, gritted her teeth in obvious pain, and gripped the bedsheets. I looked over her shoulder at "G", who smiled and reassured me, "Don't worry, she loves pain!"

He finally pushed all of his **** in above mine, or at least as he could get in. He told me to start again, going very very slow, and he would keep pace with me. I started to **** her again, but my method is to pull all of my 9" out until just the head is in, then slam in again. When I would pull out too far, it would pull his **** out too, until he would fall completely out of her and have to start the painful process of pushing it in to her all over again. I tried shorter thrusts, and he tried having me stand still while he thrusted, but with how incredibly tight she was his **** kept falling out.

Finally after about 10 minutes of trying to push it in her ***** he gave up, and tried pushing it in to her *** instead. If you read my last story, you'll know I already had experience in this, so the familiar pressure and her moaning and ******* when he pushed it into her *** made me very happy. We ****** like that for a while, him in her *** and me pounding her *****, but again he couldn't get the right angle and my big **** already stretching her tight ***** made her ******* tighter, causing him to constantly slip out after a few thrusts

Finally he asked me how much longer I could last. I told him honestly, "I keep concentrating so much on you ******* her that I completely forgot about me *******!" His answer to this was to have me pull out of her, and for him to start ******* her doggy style. As I was watching for a bit, still rock hard, he grabbed her hair, pulled it back, and used it as a handle to shove her head and throat down on my ****.

She came so many times, frequently and hard, screaming around my **** gagging her in her throat, as every single thrust he made into her ***** forced her farther and farther down on my thickness. He started going faster, and it caused her to suck me harder. I worried about her choking a little bit, but she seemed to be in heaven. The sight of her choking on all but a few inches of my ****, her eyes rolled back in her head, and "G" slamming her *****, forced me over the edge. I moaned, arched my back, and shot my *** down her throat.

She stayed sucking my **** for a while, cleaning it off and enjoying teasing it as it was still mostly hard while "G" pounded her. It had been a long time since I had had a ******* that good, and even longer since someone had been able to deep throat me. "G" finally pulled her around and forced her to suck him off, and after he came we all sat there in bliss, smoking and talking about what we were going to do next.
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I am a huge fan of double stuffing 1 ***** and would love to participate in : ) I am a straight late 20ish male and love to hear experiences with dvp. Stretching a ***** with my **** and another **** is absolutely a fantasy of mine : )