I have always thought about it. Well it happened last week , with hubby and a friend. Two dicks in my ***** at the same time. Talk about full , and oh what a wonderful feeling. can't wait to do it again. OMG it was GREAT!
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24 Responses Aug 14, 2010

How can you take two dicks in you? Can they be made to enter the ***** at the same time? Is it not inconvenient? The ***** will have to be very long for that to happen or definitely an average **** will slip out of the wet ***** and both stroking at the same time appears difficult...

Now i wanna give my wife the same experience....just love the thought

wow so hot<br />
tell us about i

You are so hot!<br />
And this is the hotest story I have read and so short!<br />
Please tell more!<br />
Thanks M.A.

IS your husband bi ??? <br />
Was there any M-M action there ???

My wife has wanted to do this for a long time, it just seems a little difficult finding the right guy. I know she will enjoy it as much as you did.

I'm so wet!

Have you gotten to do it again.

I am seeing this more and more. I would be hesitant to have two in me at once. I'm glad to hear that people enjoy it. Maybe sometime if the circustances are right I might give it a try.

I would really, really like to have this experience some time-- you're a lucky woman!

Super hot! My wife's ***** really opens up when gets excited and having two ***** in her would definitely get her excited. Thanks for the tips ;- ) dc

now you just know i want to be part of this scene dont you

I'm trying with the wife and our toys but I'm pretty thick so a couple of fingers is all I can fit for now.

love to fill your ***** at the same time as your hubby. then you feel our *** squirt deep inside you. xxx

I have rubbed my **** together with another guy but have never tried DP in that way. Sounds so hot. Did they both *** in you, if so that would be hot as hell!

Damn would like my wife to try that and get her comments

good for you 2 ***** always better the one

I can see it now. Hot lady and two guys, must have felt great

Totally hot!

Love listenening to women talk about how much they love getting ******. The kinkier the better. Please tell more!!!

Great, Any tips, we tried this a few times and were never able to make it work comfortably

Hm....what size were they and what about you?

That sounds so hot! Have you ever been fisted? If so which was better?

Please tell me more!!!!