Absolutely Thrilling

I did it for the first time a few hours ago. The strap on my dress broke and with this specific dress, I don't wear a bra (or anything else for that matter) Anyway, the strap broke and there was absolutely no way of fixing the situation, and I was already showing plenty as is, so I just took the other strap off my shoulder, and drove. The cool night air was pleasant. The only person that might've seen anything was a trucker waiting to pull in at the light were I was turning. After blushing and giggiling a bit, I continued home and made a sad attempt to cover up before going inside. And although I'm not exactly sure he saw anything, it's still absolutely thrilling to think about. :)
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You might like this web site, check it out. http://flashatruck.com/index.php
It's a place for Ladies that like to flash truckers and of coarse truckers to.

I'm a truck driver and I love to see people showing a lil skin, I've seen naked woman naked men topless women bottomless woman guys ******* off ladies playing with themselves couples playing... It all makes my day seeing something I absolutely love it ;-)

Soo naughty...awwww

Awesome erotic story...mmm...have been with past lovers that enjoyed the feel of the breeze on their breasts..thanks for sharing

that sounds fun you know what would be fun too?!?! if i pooped on your boobs when you drove!!!

i wouldn't have missed it. i'm always looking for flashers

So, does that mean you'll try it again? I hope so!

Well it sounds like you had fun and you made someone happy. Good for you! You should try heading out wearing an 'easy to open' skirt, but without panties. Even if you don't flash your ***** ... it's a rush just thinking of doing it.

cool and erotic

i also enjoy



Hey how about posting some pics of this. Can you say "Fantasy Fire".