Another Topless Drive Home

Drove home late last night, mostly freeway driving with some city driving thrown in. I had my blouse unbuttoned and my DD breasts bared. Made me so excited. When I would get to a stop light, if it was someone nearby I didn't want to see me I would cover them with my hair, or sometimes I would uncover them and pull at my nipples, shaking them and making my breast jiggle.. I would cup my breast and caress a nipple with my thumb. I did that mostly while I was driving. MMM, got me so wet. I had a skirt on and wiggled out of my panties so I could touch and tease my **** with my free hand while my naked **** were out there for the world to see. Nice way to havve an ****** and pass the time on a long ride home....
NaughtyChristina NaughtyChristina
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33 Responses Jul 17, 2010

I love this story

Sound nice to me

You might like this web site, check it out.
It's a place for Ladies that like to flash truckers and of coarse truckers to.

You might like this web site, check it out.
It's a place for Ladies that like to flash truckers and of coarse truckers to.

Omigosh, delightful!

You are truly amazing

i'll ride with you any day of the week .


Driving nude is great fun and exciting. I have logged many nude miles and recently got my wife to do it with me..

Yes definately!!


At this rate you'll be driving topless all the time!!!

Wow that's hot! It's hard to play with myself in my car because it manual! :(

Sounds exciting! I think all girls harber a disire to just let them all hang out where anybody who cares to can see.

You know how to have fun.

you are so naughty! i like it! more please!

would love to see that

i love driven naked tooooo

i love it drivein naked

i love it drivein naked

i drive my big truck naked i love it

i drive my big truck naked i love it

What other way is there to drive but naked? I do it all the time in the summer. Driving naked is great with the windows down with all the fresh air. ! Unfortunately I have never seen a women driving naked before. I did have a few females flash their breasts at me while in a car but it was after they saw that I was naked . Sure wish I had the opportunity to see you driving around naked!


We only drive naked on the freeway..Can't talk wife "in town"....

AS a long distance truck driver, we truckers LOVE to see you women driving up along side of us topless!<br />
Seeing a woman driving topless, is such a turn on, but then again, seeing a woman driving and showing a LOT of skin is also.<br />
I have seen a "few" women over the years driving COMPLETELY naked.....and even a couple materbating, and I'll have to tell you that REALLY gets me, and anyone else looking so turned on.<br />
LOVE to see you sometime

i just love reading your stories and more kudos to you thank god you are so alive. And you get me such a hard on, your stories are great.

good to know! I will keep an eye out for motorcycles next time...sounds kind of dangerous for you though

Damn, you sound sexy!

how are taking me for drive

mmm you're so dirty slimtm, I would love to watch that

I like your story I one time pulled my **** out driving home at night and started pulling and playing with my **** .And I drive a car that sits low I like to rub my **** and work it a little with shorts on if there is a lady beside me in a suv otruck and act like they are not there .My **** starts getting hard in my pants .

nice story christina.... how far from home do you have to drive? what city do you drive from? i hope to maybe see ya driving by? yea that would happen to me right ? not with my luck? anyway great story and iam so intrigued to know woman drive like that.....very nice tp

mmmmmm, very hot Liza