A few months ago I took my breasts out while driving and I have been hooked ever since. Now when I'm feeling stressed or bored my mind goes to that place. The thrill runs through me often when my mind wanders to the idea of looking down and seeing my erect pink nipple exposed for the world to see. I often wear padded bras and have now purchased a few with out padding just to make it easier to pull the girls out when ever the mood strikes. I am still shy about someone seeing so I often find my self quickly pulling my jacket over when other cars get too close on the highway. But the idea that they might have seen it gets me so wet. I am always looking for someone who is actually paying attention, i might just show them my dirty little secret....
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You might like this web site, check it out. http://flashatruck.com/index.php
It's a place for Ladies that like to flash truckers and of coarse truckers to.

And think of the thrill that runs down the guys that see you exposing your luscious breasts and pink nipples to the world... Without padding is much better in bras, especially when you wear a thin top so your nipples can make their presence known... You will receive many smiles then too! ;)

I am totally the same. Try sitting on a pillow as it raises you higher, so your nipples are more at window level.

You clever girl! ;)

Yes, very good idea......Pillow going in my car right NOW !!!!

Please don't be shy. We would love to see you driving around with your breasts being caressed by the sun or by you for that matter.

Shelf bra is the way to go...<br />
No fiddling with pulling down those bras.

I wear shelf or open nipple bras all the time just for this reason......