Driving Topless

I recently did  this for the first time.  I was driving home from a memorial day camping trip.  I was in the car by myself and feeling so horny because I hadn't gotten off all weekend and I had to share a tent with others and had no privacy.  I was wearing shorts, a bra and a tank top. I was going about 40mph on a two lane hwy way I pulled my breasts out of the top my bra and up over the top of my tank top.I have "D" cup breasts so they stood out like big missiles.  My nipples were hard and pointy.  I got VERY wet and excited thinking about the glimpses the opposite traffic caught of my naked breasts and how many guys I made hard. I got so wet  I had to slip my fingers up the leg of my shorts and rub myself.

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I go topless every time my husband and I road trip. I don't wear a bra when we road trip and once we leave tow I pull my top completely off. I only put it on if we stop for gas or whatever. It feels so sexy to be entirely topless not just pull my bra down. Also I like them to be available for my husband to play with them whenever he wants

you go woman

i do that all the time

i do that all the time i love the feeling of the air on my **** it is awsome !

I love to drive nude, and sometimes I'll stroke myself too.

Love it. My lady does that....

Mmm, so naughty. I just live that you couldn't wait any longer to touch yourself and oh how lucky those other drivers were. We're lucky to have you n the road!


I love when wife drives topless.

Every 10-20 miles, pull the car off onto the shoulder of the road. Stay topless and get out and look uner the hood of the car with both hands on both hips. Then bend down and sort of look under the front bumper. Men love to watch those Ta's Ta's move back and forth and all around. Then get back in the car and drive off. Start pulling your pants down as you leave the scene.

oh you should, nice story

That's very hot! I love it. mmmmm Makes me want to do it again

So just recently I've been doing this a lot. Last weekend I was driving back to my town on a 2 lane hwy, and even though it was very cold outside, took my top and bra off. A pickup pulled next to me at a stop light, and I don't think he noticed, but it was still very erotic. Then, as a lone truck would come towards me on the dark road, I'd turn on the dome light. I'm sure they could see everything, though none of them honked or anything. Hmmmm...turned on again, time for a ride;-)

Please drive that way more often...

oh fun!

LOL My 2nd wife used to like to sunbathe nude in the bed of the pick up when we were an a trip. I always got a lot of horns honked at the sight. I often had difficulty keeping my eyes out of the rear view mirror.

I would look if I could!

sure I would

would you do this if a disabled guy was in the car?? i want to see some boobs so bad!

LOL - I have reddened my nipples, too;-) - try red blush and a powder brush. Just playing with them will also darken them. On the interstate, if I see a large pickup truck about to pass me, I frequently just reach my hand in and obviously play with my nipples - if the driver ever notices (hasn't happened yet), and slows down and looks, I'll definitely give him an eyeful! Since I know the truck drivers talk to each other, I only worry about the troopers listening in and getting less interested in catching real criminals, and more interested in catching me. I also heard of someone who was flashing his wife, and got a call at home, apparently easily tracked by his license plate. That's definitely why I prefer the highway and flashing oncoming traffic. Btw, the older looking pickup trucks are almost always driven by males, I've noticed...

That's a great idea! To sit on a pillow so **** are more visibe. I will have to try it. I wouldn't want to be caught for indecent exposure either but it it so cra<br />
you sound like a hot onezy arousing to me. I also have an impulse to redden my pale pink nipples with dark red lipstick so they stand out more. They get so hard if I think somebody is watching. It also could be hot to wear a skirt with no panties and sit on a pillow that has a hole in the middle...you sound like a girl after my own heart

I do this too. I love to pull my bra down and wear a button down shirt. It is easy then to unbutton it and open it. When you watch other cars passing it is easy to see that most people sit low, so I usually sit on a pillow to raise myself up so my **** are at least visible in the window. It is hard to know, though, if anyone ever sees. I did this yesterday and drove a long way on the interstate yesterday with my shirt open and bra pulled down - very arousing. I prefer the back state highways, as you can see the truckers coming and totally give them a show. The only thing that worries me is the troopers - I don't want to be arrested for indecent exposure!

Any HW patrols? were they toooo busy?

That sounds very hot<br />
do you touch anything else?<br />
The truck drivers must love you

This is one more guy you just made hard!

Awesome...I got very hard just reading it

Hey Stick, I'm sure he would have let you off if you offered a blow job.

I would love to pass you on a four lane with my wife driving. I got shotgun.

I love to drive completely naked every opportunity I get. I would love to find a female partner to share the experience with.

I like this story alot!!! I like to jack off while driving on the interstate for the shock on a woman's face!!!!!

Stick...I think I remember reading about that...the 69 car piled up on the interstate. What was the ticket for??? And did he take you into custody???

loved your story. Made me hard. I have been 'flashed' on the highway also. It made my day, keep it up girl! Monty.

Would you like to go for a car ride sometime?


Do it alll the time! I love traveling the interstate with my boobs out! It is great fun! I will usually bring along a little toy, also. Just have to be careful not to wreck!

Mmm...my ex used to enjoy this on our road trips.

Pulling them out is okay, but if you want the real experience you have to take your top all the way off. Try it once and you'll see what I mean! ;)

It is my sincere hope that I might pass you on the road someday.