Shop Till I Drop

i love to shop because it takes away my depression i get a high when i shop but at the end i feel some what guilty i know i have to many things but its my security blanket like im filling hole that i have to fill its hard to talk about it most peole enjoy shopping and they can feel great but im different i have ocd not just for shopping but i have other problems that effects my daily lifestyle i seeking help and hopefully i would get it soon!
syrupoflife7412 syrupoflife7412
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2007

i am with ya on this. when my husband was away to iraq thats all i did was work to make enough money so i could go shopping. i would spend my paycheck for a whole 18 months while he was gone. it's not like bills didnt get paid i made sure thay did but any i had left over went to new clothes and shoes. i felt good b/c i always had something new to wear, but felt bad b/c i was supposed to be saving that money, not for any one special thing but just saving.