The Taste

I've often wondered how a woman tastes. I had never ever tasted myself before, that was unheard of and in my wildest lesbian fantasy I NEVER ate the *****. We just fingered or used vibrators, sucked nipples but eating, I mean yuck it's "down there" I recently started watching lesbian **** clips of women eating each other out. Oh, that looked so glorious the eating the sucking each woman having their own style but never failing to make the recipient be scream shake moan. That ***** looked good, every time they showed a woman eating another woman out, literally having her *** up her legs apart and her face buried in ***** tounge in hole vigorously shaking her head back and forth I know I want to eat *****. Ive recently starting "tasting" myself after I ***. I love my taste, do all women taste the same?
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

No, not all women taste the same. That is especially true during their cycle. I would also think that womens juices will be different because of what they eat just like mens ***** tatse different depending on what the guy eats.

this is one man who does love the taste of a womans ***