The was seen.nude for the first time a year back ! I took bath and came to my bedroom . The windows were unlocked and I was standing to the mirrow which is diagonal to the window .. I could clearly see a guy looking at me and that brought me a rush of excitement ! I turned my naked body towards the window .just for him to look at me ! And from that day onwards I get naked for him everyday almost the same time always !
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I'd love to watch. Please add me to your circle.

thats hot

Oh how lucky you are t find such excitment and be able t enjoy it so often! magical

What great fun - for you and your admirer! You should try to set up similar situations where people can see you, but making it look accidental. Maybe you could post a photo or 10 of just what the lucky guy outside gets to see each day! Think of the thrill you will get knowing a few more people will also get to see the same beautiful view! ;)

that would be fun ... :)

Help me out with some nudes in private

Your unexpected initial encounter being seen naked must have been very exciting for you. I applaud you turning your naked body toward the window so he could look at you. Such natural beauty deserves to be admired and appreciated. How fabulous that you have continued to get naked for him each day which I am sure you find very exhilarating and very stimulating to. My sister was the very first person to discover me naked albeit accidentally, and despite the momentary embarrassment it was still a hugely exhilarating experience as she stared at me. There was no point attempting to hide myself when clearly I was parading around in the nude intentionally which she was able to gauge from where she had discovered me.

I know the feeling .. No words can explain accurately

Wow...what a lucky man

that's great!

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