Just Saw Them Live..

wow, by far best performance i've ever seen..
i even got called down to be on stage 8)
dooWUttChAlyk14 dooWUttChAlyk14
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and yess he is.. "Ahhhh" haha

awesome yu totally shouLd!!

Ohh that's so great...!!<br />
I am waiting them to come near my country so I can go... <br />
In June they will be here (in the country next to mine) so I can't wait to listen them in live.. =)<br />
I am so excited =) Love them so much! And Jared is... Ahhh.... =)

well they are on tour.. go check them out live!!<br />
jLeto called about 20 ppl to come on stage and rock with him to Kings & Queens 8)

These guys are one of my favorite groups... I'm so jealous :)