They Are Cosmic/meaning Heart Changing

I have been listening to 30 seconds to mars for awhile.  But to tell you the truth I didn't REALLY PAY attention to them until one night when I heard From Yesterday.  I became enamored by them after seeing the video, and because of that I searched further.  What I found was indescribable they are an incredible, influencial and for a lack a better word breathtaking.  Although their music is strong and empowering in sound I at the same time find myself feeling so vulnerable and can't help but cry when I hear them.  I don't want that in any way to  be an admission on being sad I just find their music beautiful and overwhelming to listen to.  Their sound and dedication to their craft is a testiment to their soul, which I think I am familiar with.  Rock ON!!!!

Much love to 30 Seconds to Mars and continued Success


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2 Responses Aug 8, 2008

I completely agree!!! I have been watching them in the news and things are happening, some good some bad, I think that they will be ok, I HOPE!!!! Saw a pic of jared recently on tmz working out with sunglasses on and of course they were picking on him. Glad to talk and meet someone that loves them as much as me!! Thanks for the comment

Couldn't of said it better myself.. The scream towards the end of Beautiful Lie gets me every time.