Birthday Treat

When my husband told me he had organised a SPECIAL treat for my thirty seventh birthday, my mind boggled. And when I saw the clothes he had laid out for me to wear my clitoris literally tingled.

A yellow silk button through dress, an eight strap suspender belt and a brand new pair of Gio, tan coloured, fully fashioned stockings with seams of course. Nothing else!

To complement my attire my husband knelt before me, flickered his tongue over by clitoris, and attached a small weighted pendulum charm to my clitoral piercing, which I knew would sway with every step that I took that evening.

As we entered the disco bar later that evening I felt that every eye was on me, and that every **** was pointed in my direction.

Three hours of obscene flirting, grinding and touching later, I found myself spread-eagled on our king sized bed with my husband giving instructions, to four young men all eager to fill me.

One after one, they entered me without any part of their body touching me, except for their ***** which my husband's practiced hand guided into me. As they slipped urgently in and out my mind was totally focussed on the stretching of my vagina and the gentle stimulation to my clitoris caused by my wonderful piercing.

As each of the four guys ********** in me he was replaced by another and then another. One was so huge and I gasped each time it was his turn to fill me. In all I devoured eleven youthful ejaculations, before they could manage no more, and my husband called them a taxi.

I was awash with a divine mixture of their *********. My inner thighs, my butt crack and the satin sheets on the bed were all soaked.

When my husband returned he was eager to join the party and performed the most superb oral sex on me before attempting to slide his rock hard penis into my saturated *****.

He should have known better and reluctantly accepted my instruction that he should put on a condom. After all when you know you are ovulating, why would you want you husband’s ***** to dilute that of four gorgeous donors twenty years his junior!

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orsum story..what a woman...

Disgusting Lady!