Flying Back From Brasil

This is a copy of my story I wrote before, but I thought it fits into this category very well.

So in my previous story I told you about the flight to Brazil. On the way back I wanted to do the same, except that this time I wanted to put myself in a position where I would not be able to hide my high heels under my trousers.
So I dressed like that:
The shoes

Pink T-shirt with a grey sweatshirt fitting to the shoes. blue capri-trousers that ended just below the knee and underneath my leopard stockings.
During my stay in Belém I had my legs waxed so they looked really smooth and beautiful.

The flight from Belém to Rio was a national flight so in Rio I had to pick up the luggage and check-in for an international flight. This was the last chance see my luggage before I would pick it up in Frankfurt... if the lugagge arrived. If not I'd have to drive home in these shoes too.  This was the last chance of changing my mind before the security check-in. I did as planned. I've put my sneakers into the suitcase and checked-in leaving me only with a small hand luggage and NO OTHER shoes.
That was on the -1 level. Then I went to the Level 0 and there was a huge hall full of people. No way - I thought- I'll never cross it. But If I wanted to get back home I had to cross this hall. So I did. My heart pounded, I tell you... wow!

About in the middle of the hall three quite lovely Brazilian ladies, all roughly 40 but looking much younger, were sitting on a bench and as I was passing in front of them I heard them whistling at me. Same way guy whistel at sexy chicks. Now that felt great! I turned around, looked at them and they showed me to come closer. I stood infront of them feeling a bit like a school boy, but later I thought to behave a bit more feminine and that eased my tension. We had a short conversation as far as my Portuguese allowed me to and they wanted to know where I got them and if I use high heels frequently. I told them I bought these on ebay but they were from England and that I was using high heels since many years already. They were all very loveyl thanked me and one even got up gave me a hug and quite a passionate kiss on my lips. I guess they knew they had me 100% under controll this moment. I felt now her lipstick on my lips and as I tasted this a bit ebmarrased the other jumped up and gave pressed me an other kiss on my cheek. I was so flattered by them that if they would have aske me to lick them I woudl do it right away right there. I felt like I was was their puppy.
Then it turned out that they were just bringing their friend to a plane that was to departing to London and of course they made her friend look for these shoes there as well. I thanked them very much and I continued on my way.

Then I came to the security check. If you have never been in Rio before this is how it looks. You cue at first for about half an hour amond a cue of about 200 foreign visitors and then you pass an open space of about 20 meters before you come to the security gates. So there I stand in my attire and the guard stops everyone and directs them to the gate at the end of the cue. I don't feel like I'm presented on centre stage, I am! And then about 2 or 3 travellers before it is my turn they open an other gate and seemingly the lady-boss of this area goes there personally. She gives her guardsman a wink and he directs me to that gate.
I blush, but I go. I put all my metallic things on the tray and she tells me to walk through the gate. It blinks. So I'm asked to take off the shoes and x-ray them and then go one more time. No signalling. She hands me the shoes back and tells me to go to the middle of the open space before the gates, put my shoe on and then go through the security gate one more time. I feel the eyes of everybody virtually sticking on me while I walk in my leopard stockings on the stony floor, put my shoes on again and turn the secutity gate into a catwalk. Cool feeling!
After that I approach her again to pick up the rest of my belongings she gives me a grin and then smiles and says that she liked my shoes very much and that she just wanted to see how good I walk in them. I don't know what gave me a bigger rush. The crowd or she. I think she. I told her that I appreciate it very much and then she asked me how long I use high heels already. I said about 15 years. One can see, you do it really good, she said. I thanked her, and she gave me her hand to say good bye, while I turned her hand and gave her a kiss on the back of her hand, very gentleman-like. Exept that now a faint but crying red print from the lipstick I recived from the kiss just recently now ornamented her cafe-au-lait brown skin on her hand. Now she blushed. We smiled and I departed for my flight. "What a woman" I thought in amazement and admiration. At that moment I knew, that I'd marry a brazilian girl one day!

After that incident, the rest was just a peace of cake. Only in Germany the guy in the airport passport control told me to watched the step because accidents on slippery floor in high heels are not covered by the airport insurance. Thank you, I though. What a clash of temperaments I thought. It felt like getting out of a souna and being tossed into a pool with ice cubes swimming on top. I hated it.

My resumeé: If the brazilians will manage to convey their temperament into the world cup 2014 and then the Olympics 2016, then these will be a heck of  emotional events!

Go for it Brazil!
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