Although Not Born In 70s

i was born in the 80s, i grew up listening to 70s rock because of MTV and 70s blues from my grandmother. I know everything from Aerosmith to Van halen, Pink floyd ect... and B.B King.

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Grew up in the 80s myself and took a liking to the classic rock of the 70s.My older brothers and older sister grew up in the 70s themselves and listen to it,which is the reason why I took a liking to 70s rock.Monkey see,monkey do!!!!

I seen B.B King in real lfe , guitar "Lucille" sounds soooo goood in real life

I have a theory that rock and roll peaked in 1975 with several landmark albums from 74-76

i love all them also!!

1/. Black magic Woman.......Santana<br />
<br />
2/. David Essex.....................Rock On<br />
<br />
3/. You aint Seen Nothin' YET...Bachman Turner Overdrive<br />
<br />
4/. I can See Clearly now......Johnny Nash<br />
<br />
5/. Me and Mrs Jones!.........Billy Paul!