Like…get The Skinny Right Here And We'll Catch You On The Flip, You Know?

I was quite undecided about what to write in this first blog post! For all you 50-something women (and men!) who have been to the website,, you already know the myriad issues that we have on the table! Health and beauty, finance, diet, empty nest…you name it. So it’s gonna lighten up here for a bit – time to take a little stroll down memory lane and have a little fun.

Today I was thinking about generational phrases and words…how unique my kids think their slang words were/are. For every generation, there are terms that they make their own. Now, for my college kid, it’s “sick!” Not sick as in the manner that I tend to refer at this stage in life, but sick as in, well, “boss!” If you were a 70′s kid, you remember that term. Everything was “Boss!” The skinny boy with the shoulder-length hair? Boss. The TV show Dark Shadows with the vampires? Boss. Tie dye shirt? Boss. Pet Rocks – those stupid toys that did nothing? Boss. That super-charged video game Pong that Mom and Dad bought for you but wouldn’t give you a turn? Boss.

Hm…am I seeing a pattern here?

Ah…with age comes wisdom. “What’s old is new again.” “What goes around, comes around.” “The more things change the more they stay the same.” OMG – I’m old enough to see my old wardrobe come back around! Peasant shirts, ripped jeans, leggings? Ugh…

Ah, forget it. I’m gonna go chill. Stay tuned – more blogs to come!
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Jul 18, 2010