A Decade Of Magical Music.

Oh where have all those years gone,flashed by,raced away like a sprinter running on hot coals.Of course I am talking of the 1980's,finishing school and college and being a raw rookie plodding the beat.No,not the beat of Randy Crawford,no for embarking on a new exciting adventure as a young inexperienced Constable.
Looking back,the 80's probably was the happiest time of my life and I always associate the music of the era with those feelings.Who can forget Ultravox with the classical Vienna? The Eurythmics with their "Sweet Dreams".Disco dancing had been left behind and the New Romantic era was upon us,Maralyn, Boy George,Simon La Bon,some of the names elude me.All that make up,glitter and elaborate clothing that had heads turning in the street for a second glance from their elders,wonderful.
The charismatic John Lydon(sex pistols) had gone into retirement,Abba still going strong at the start of the decade,Depeche Mode,Adam and the Ants and Ah Ha were taking on me.Such memories,precious moments,it was like a new beginning,a new life had started.The icon Margaret Thatcher governed Britain whilst having a public showing of love and affection for Ronald Regan,The President of the USA.
Fergal Sharkey had a good heart whilst Erasure blended in a new style that was immediately identified all as their own.
Paul Young was falling in love with the Common People,CD's had just started to take over from plastic records,Madonna was the new girl hitting the top and was Crazy for You whilst Wham were waking me up before you go go.Towards thee end of the decade Chicago were looking away Bobby Brown thought it was his prerogative  and Paula Abdul went straight up to No 1.
What an amazing era for us 40+ members,we were young with so many dreams.In the words of Klymaxx I miss you,and as Lionel would have sung say you say me.

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Ha great story! Unfortunantly some of us were born in the 90's and grew up with a TERRIBLE selection of music! Luckily my parents made me and my brothers listen to the real music of the 80's and, although cheesy, we all love it!

You are a man after my own heart...what a great piece. I miss the 80's so much. Thanks for sharing!

Cheers :-)

I miss those days and the sounds. Good memories.

Me too,very happy memories.

Best music is the 80'S

Agreed :-)

Depeche Mode... ahhhhh the memories. One of my favorite chapters.

Great Band,how I loved the '80's :-)

Had to respond to this post. Like you, the 80's music was without a doubt made the biggest impression on my life. Some of your references to Ultravox and Simon Lebon took me right back. Listening to Joe Jackson's Look Sharp album for hours upon hours. The Thompson Twins, Cyndi Lauper, Spandau Ballet... So much incredible music, so much great hair..lol... A wonderful decade of music and new romantic sound will live forever with me.. Thanks for the memories... Time for me to go pull out my Spandau Ballet albums... Cheers

Thanks Mate,you have just taken me back,it is a while since I wrote this,Spandau Ballet,incredible band,dust off those cd's and pretend for a while you are still 20 something :-)

Delilah,why why why delilah,woops that was the 60's,hey thanks my friend for the comments :-)

Cheers :-)

I've never heard Fergal Sharkey's Good Heart before, but I really like the song and the video. What a great experience, thanks for sharing it. I think that even though I was a kid at that time 80s music has to be some of my favorite. How about Thompson Twins and Yes? Crowded House and New Order? OMD and U2? Not to mention movie soundtracks like Back to the Future, Top Gun and The Highlander. I bet the list goes on and on...

I have pasted in Fergal Sharkeys Good Heart,a classic of the 80's

Little Leo with the massive hair,great song,in fact he had several that I liked in the 70'S.You are so right,Music is one thing that binds the world together.So many of us share that "special song" for many different reasons.Lovely post my friend.

Ahhhh part of my decades too the 70s and 80s. Such great memories those songs bring back. I feel happy just reading your story and remember having listened to those and so many more, Stevie Nicks, Cher, Tom Jones was a big crush way back when, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Bett Midler. Those were outstanding decades for me too, just starting my career and the world was wide open to me. What a ride :) Again your message sweet shows how universal music is and how it ties us together as fans of all of these wonderful artists you have mentioned. Let's turn that stereo up... you make me feel like dancinn... i feel like dancin .. dancin .. dance the night away.. a little leo sayer? lololol .. alll good! xox

Yes thanks,the very best decade of my life.

Thank you too for your input,the 80's was my generation when life became such fun as a teenager/adult,a terrific decade filled with happiness and fun.

I can totally relate to all these songs and what you write... love the spin on how you made a story out of sooo many multiple songs and events to bring back a very good era we shall never forget for those of us that lived it. Thanks for sharing!

Like all music that moves me from time immemorial . I wish i could remember the name or artist(s) that sent me heavenward then straight to sheets with my love. shoot! Was "Vision Of Love" by An 18 yr old Mariah Carey in the 80's? moreTrue

Thank's True 8,your input is ALWAYS appreciated :-)

Like all music that moves me from time immemorial . I wish i could remember the name or artist(s) that sent me heavenward then straight to sheets with my love. shoot! Was "Vision Of Love" by An 18 yr old Mariah Carey in the 80's? moreTrue