I Grew Up On This(:

When I was a little kid, around the age of 2 and 3, I can remember my parents listening to 80s music all the time. Loverboy was one of my favorites of all. I grew up listening to this. I never knew that much of any other kind of songs for a long time. Me and my dad would go places listening to motley crue and def leppard. I remember sitting in the front seat of dad's blue mustang with my feet on the dash board windows down and jamming to music all the time. I miss those days, it was without a doubt a better and simplier time. Things were hard, but its harder now. So i escape from this world to a memory of my childhood... growing up with 80s music. And since im 18 now, people in school say im lame for liking this music.... humans may age but this genre never will.
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I still listen to 80's music, better music then now.. Well I don't mind some of the music like linkin park. Although half of the music today use auto tune.

**** yes on the Loverboy.... Right there with you on the sentiments of it being some of the more simple aspects of growing up... Gimme some "Working for the Weekend"... and "Turn Me Loose"....!! It's been years ago now, but attended a Stix, Bad Company, & Billy Squire concert with my Dad and 2 of the sibs... was a damned good concert... Will say that Billy Squire in cut off Jean shorts & a wife beater less than 10 yrs ago... not quite as easy to pull off as it was in the 80's I'm sure.... lmao

haha oh yes, so true. I watch the 80s and 70s music vids on vh1 classic all the time. I enjoy it the best

80's music will always be awesome. Most people your age wouldn't know real music if it punched them in their lady junk (or balls if it happens to be a dude of course) =] Way to go on not following what everyone else thinks is good music.

lol your right, this music is always awesome. Thats the thing about me, i dont like to follow the crowd... i wander off =) lol

yes they did, i love the 80s lol and your welcome ^_^