What I Love About 80's Music

the 80's had a lot of really good music from that time that i think is often undercredited, even though it helped shape and mold future generations of musicians. new wave is so corny but classic, i can't help but get into it. i think some of my favorites are the violent femmes, echo and the bunnymen, the cure, joy division, and pretty much all of the one hit wonders of that decade. i just learned how to play dramarama's anything anything on bass and it's so much fun. i love it! next will be berlin's metro.

there are also plenty of good punk bands that were probably some of the best 80's bands ever. black flag, minor threat, the melvins, bad brains, x, dead kennedys, and of course joan jett, my idol. those are just a few really, but i can't remember them all right now. the rise of hip hop was really cool too. in my opinion, 80's and 90's hip hop was loads better than anything today. my favorites are public enemy and beastie boys.

the best 80's scene that triumphed and reigned above all was the metal scene. and i don't mean that fake glam rock bullshit. i'm talking about the rise of thrash metal. if you think about it, the fact that is survived and is still a powerful presence today musically means it is literally the most powerful force to come from the 80's, especially the big four. metallica, anthrax, megadeth, and slayer. though motorhead and anvil made a very big impact on thrash as well. long live rock and roll, the REAL rock and roll!

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May 10, 2012