Queen of 80's Music

That EuroGay 1980's music is my favorite!  I love it!  Seems that  I have an issue cajoling people to go to concerts with me when they feature a group from that era.  The last concert I went to was an Erasure concert.  I found a friend, who was also willing to invest in 2nd row seats.  We had lots of fun!

I forced my husband to go to a Pet Shop Boys' concert with me a few years ago.  One of our friends felt sorry for him an invited him to a suite at a Metallica concert.  I guess he figured it remasculinized him.

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2 Responses Aug 10, 2007

Loved Freddie Mercury! What a hot guy he was!

Queens ROCKS!!! I just love their music, too bad freddie died he had such a great talent