Help For 60's 70's 80's Advertising Idea


  I am an advertising college student and I am doing a billboard for an oldies radio station. I am having trouble because my teacher keeps telling me the ideas I have are going to make people feel old. Can any one offer any suggestions, ideas, concepts, any association with oldies music, oldies radio station in connection with music from the 60-80's? I am trying to instill loyalty and make people have a connection with their past, thanks!!!!!!!



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Okay, I'll suggest something neon, gel-like stuff, zigzag shapes, checker boards, padded shoulders, thick, wavy, big hair for women. Imagine WHAM, Rick Astley, high-waisted pants and baggy jeans, biggy style of clothes, red, pouty lips, thick belts, la<x>yered clothes, folded outer sleeves, colorful outfits. I have so many more in my list.<br />
I used to be a merchandise display artist at a department store during the 80's.

What is wrong with old? <br />
What is bad about feeling old? <br />
<br />
Your teacher is an *** and a bad teacher. Your teacher is pretending to be able to read people's minds and is giving you no sense of direction. <br />
<br />
Your ideas may in fact make people feel young by leading to recall enjoyable memories of youth.