Of Course.

Do I love a bit of banter with the ladies of EP? Of freakin course I do. Now I know there are some, no more than a few dozen I would venture, that joined EP to trade recipes ... or share pictures of their dogs. But I am like the vast majority of EPer's, here to fill some hole i feel in my RW life. I love to flirt, I love to joke, I love to go go wherever the conversation leads us. I tend to be reserved in RW (accountant ... it figures) but here, I don't feel so restrained. I can be cheeky, as my UK / Irish friends would call it, to my hearts content. I joined EP because I was lonely in my marriage (and there was the whole lack of sex thing). Here I found a place to scream when I need to scream; an ear to listen when I need to get something aff my chest; an audiance of one to be a groupie to my many jokes ... and friends who can make me feel like the sexiest guy in the world. So hell yeah I like al bit of banter ... actually make that more than a bit
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3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Banter with cheeky men is always a pleasure

I've learned that you have to be really careful when limited to just writing. People take things the wrong way. I've made an a$$ of myself trying to be funny.

Understand his totally. It's great to have people with whom you can laugh and joke with and be relaxed around. You're jokes ain't too bad either *sticks tongue out*

One of your biggest fans??? Are you tryin to say I'm fat? Ronan, we could fall out, LOLOL