To Honor, Support, Respect Him And I Want To Compliment Him.

If you respect him, he'll respect you in return. To support him and stand by his side. To be his best friend and confidant.

I know it can be true for any man but my eyes and heart see a black man before me. It is how I fell.


I saw this poem and absolutley adore it.

To Love a Black Man

©2001, 2006 Kimberly A. Brown

To love a Black man

Is to love a mighty African king

Like a courageous warrior from the motherland

I would proudly be your Nubian queen

To love a Black man

Is an oasis in view

God made you so immaculate

You're too good to be true

A walk, a smell, a way that cannot compare

Your physique, your masculinity

You are a forbidden fruit

I'll taste you if I so dare

It's all about you my brothers

How could I desire anything else?

To not crave you would be true delirium

I would have to examine my self worth

You the Black man

Absolutely born to lead

Secure your place in this world

Declare this a royal creed

Rise up, rise high!

Soar above the clouds!

Represent your Black manhood

With honor and be proud!

You are above the rest

A man beyond and above

This is dedicated to all my brothers

Straight from my heart filled with devotion and love.


Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

hmm, the ones i knew wouldn't have inspired such a beautiful poem. shame.

I think the ones who would are more low key and dont get noticed as much as the loud hood-rat types... Maybe.