I do enjoy having a clean house and home. As a rule, we do not wear shoes in our home. I can not fathom why a person would walk in their home with shoes on that have been used outside, especially worn in public areas. Not only does it track sand and dirt in, but also a myriad of germs and bacteria from spit, urine etc etc etc.
      We installed new carpets in our old home, underneath the carpet and carpet pad was enough sand to build sandcastles in our living room, all due to the previous owners wearing their shoes inside. To me, that was disgusting to see what was in and under the carpet, the filth they lived in.
      We clean up immediately after cooking and eating, we vacuum everyday, mop every three days and clean the bathroom daily. We also wash towels everyday and the sheets on the beds every three days. We share our home with cats, and I scoop the litter box as soon as it is used.

      I love to walk in our home and smell how clean and fresh it is.. it is not chemically or hospital like but just clean. Always ready for guests, it makes life easier to stay on top of the cleaning and maintenance of our home.
SoulUndiscovered SoulUndiscovered
36-40, F
Mar 5, 2011