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IF you love me let me fall all by myself. Don't try to spread a net out to catch me, don't throw a pillow under my *** to cushion the pain so I don't have to feel it, don't stand in the place I am going to land so that you can break the fall, (allowing yourself to get hurt instead of me)

Let me fall as far down as my addiction is going to take me, let me walk the valley alone all by myself, let me reach the bottom of the pit....trust that there is a bottom there somewhere even if you can't see it. The sooner you stop saving me from myself, stop rescuing me, trying to fix my broken-ness, trying to understand me to a fault, enabling me.....The sooner you allow me to feel the loss and consequences, the burden of my addiction on my shoulders and not yours....the sooner I will arrive....and on time....just right where I need to be...me, alone all by myself in the rubble of the lifestyle I lead...resist the urge to pull me out because that will only put me back at square one.

It I am allowed to stay at the bottom and live there for awhile, I am free to get sick of it on my own, free to begin to want out, free to look for a way out, and free to plan how I will climb back up to the top. In the beginning as I start to climb out....I just might slide back down, but don't worry I might have to hit bottom a couple more times before I make it out safe and sound.

Don't you see?? Don't you know?? You can't do this for me...I have to do it for myself, but if you are always breaking the fall how am I ever supposed to feel the pain that is part of the driving force to want to get well. It is my burden to carry, not yours.

I know you love me and that you mean well and a lot of what you do is because you don't know what to do and you act from your heart and from knowledge of what is best for me....but if you truly love me, let me go my own way, make my own choices be they bad or good.

Don't clip my wings before I can learn to fly....nudge me out of your safety net....trust the process and pray for me.....that one day I will not only fly, but maybe even soar.
Elizahrose Elizahrose
31-35, F
5 Responses Jun 15, 2012

Tough love. Great piece. Its so very true.

I love this! But it is so hard to do.

Very inspiring going trough something and ur correct I have to let her go so she can find her way thank u so much for ur words of wisdom

Ture words for sure. It is hard to do but i have now i wish my parents would do the same. The burden is thiers but it feels so much like you have to take it on. I hope some day he will get to the soaren part and maybe all of us can join

With darker days ahead a horrid certainty,<br />
How merciful the possibility of soaring at the end of your piece.<br />
I am uplifted by the thought.<br />
thank you!