Heroin Over Me

I have been with my fiancée for a little over 2 years... just about 8 Mon ago he started using first it was the needle ... to the point where he has an abscess in his arm and horrible track marks to now snorting it . Sure you would think well isn't that better than shooting it...? I guess you could say say that, except for now when he snorts it he is snorting half a gram at a time... I want him to get better, fight his demon, but every time I talk to him about ithe gets angry with me and it turns into a big fight. This time he said its my fault he uses I stress him out to the point he has to do it.
He has said hell go to rehab, but it still has yet to happen...!
He constantly blames me for his problemsand never takes rresponsibility for his own actions.. I don't out a gun to his head and tell him to do it...

All in all, its not only hurting him, but his family and I as well...

He says he is through with me and leavingme in the AM.

all because iI love and care for him... my heart is ripping...
And it hurts...
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babe, it is NOT your fault first and foremost. And addict is an addict is an addict. Regardless of the circumstances. If he didn't pin his issues on you, it would be something else. Part of this sickness is not being able to OWN your mistakes and issues. My unborn childs father is an addict, and his mother told me today that I am the reason he keeps using. EXCUSE ME? So, I give him money, send him to a dealer, say here are the drugs now do it right now or I'll kill you? No. He makes that decision. Nothing you say or do will make him or break him. He needs professional help and if he doesnt get it, you cannot save him. we're only human <3 hang in there

love is hard - and if you truly love him let him go. I know this sounds horrible but let me explain..

.....this past Tuesday I found out that my fiance whom i've been with for about 3.5 years has been using heroin for the past year. My heart was crushed. My body is numb. My soul is broken. My mind is lost. I feel betrayed. hurt. and so many other things - and quite honestly when I confronted him I told him he had two options; 1. Goto rehab and we move out of state or 2. I love him enough to walk away because I refuse to watch him throw his life down the drain.

you sticking by him is telling him that you accept it because you haven't left or shown your serious. Go girl, and when he hits rock bottom which shouldn't take long he will come back begging for your help.

you have to do what you feel is best - but trust me when I say I know this isn't easy and you're hurting. I'm here if you need someone to talk to!

I'm not in a similar situation but about your fiancée leaving, that you love him and that your heart is ripping. This Incan understand. I'm sorry this happened. I suppose you can only watch over him on the sideline. Anything more you say to him will be trash. Lave him for a bit and hopefully he'd understand but do check up on him.. In case he takes too much. Do your best. Don't give up.