Loving 2 Addicts At Once!

I understand too. I jumped into a relationship with someone i really knew little about but thought I fell in love with. Before I knew it I was pregnant and decided that marriage was our only option. That was 11 years ago. My divorce should be final soon. i later found out that he was using cocaine while dating me. but was told by him that he was done with it. 2 kids and 5.5 years in the marriage i found that it was an addiction that had completely taking over his life. since then i did everything i could to "help" but figured out i was enabling him. so finally said no more and told him i was done.

i meet a guy shortly after separtated and thought that i had fallen once again in live with a wonderful man. i have been with him 6months and know that he is not only an addict but have severe mental problems. it hurts so much that i have fallen in love with another addict. it hurt so much that i know i have to sever the ties with him to be safe and take care of myself and children. at least this time i didn't commit so much time. but it hurts worse in so many ways...

Will i ever find a healthy partner???????

So, JJ1, is the father of my 3 kids and I do love him very much.  I just can't be in love with him in that way anymore. So after 10 years of fighting for him, I am divorcing him.

And the beautiful green eyed star, JJ2 is mental unstable, addicted to drugs and alchol.  My kids love him almost as much as I do.  I know that this relationship is more toxic then my previous.  It must end!  I struggle daily to say 'no' to my love.  This week I have found the strength to say 'no more!'  Now i am grieving the loss and pray he will respect the walls I have built around myself.   I think I will have my 'walls' sprinkled with holy water in hope that addicts won't break thru again.  I know there is a healthy partner out there for me that I can spend my life with. 

God Bless JJ1 and JJ2.  I pray for them daily.  Both beautiful inside and out men with awesome potenial and great souls that have been lost to addiction.  Dear God please help them and other addicts find their right path to you.  And be with those that are hurting because of this addiction!!  Amen  ~ 

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

you have done the right for you and your childs.<br />
Go your way - its the better one.<br />
Use the time for your children and not to fight against the addiction of a partner.- That would be his part.

i think maybe these kind of people know how to pick someone who is caring and kind who will sympathise with their problem, i have dated 2 men with these problems too.<br />
though i dont take drugs myself, or socialise with drug users, i wonder why we somehow meet them. i hope we can find love with clean safe people one day who have the ability to really love us without the hinderance of addiction.