The Weekly Meeting


It had been exactly one week since I had almost forced my wife to read the book Around Her Finger. I kept bugging her and bugging her until she finally decided to read the book. She had taken to it slowly but had let me know that she liked the concept and agreed that the ideas presented in the book held some merit. As each day passed she began referring to situations regarding my behavior that was not adhering to the material in the book. She would also make sure to point out that it was me that had begged her to read the material and now that she had read the book and absorbed the basic ideas that, indeed I, needed to become the better husband talked about in it. I was really trying and now that she was focusing more on my behavior I had stepped up my actions.
I had just taken my daughter to school and expected that my wife would be downstairs and probably minutes away from her going to work when I walked through the garage door to the kitchen. She was not there and I assumed that she was still prepping herself in the bathroom. I placed my keys on the counter and was getting my coffee cup for a nice hot refill when I heard her voice telling me to come upstairs. I immediately put the cup down and raced to her voice.
She was sitting on the couch in the loft with her feet on the cushion as I came towards her and asked what she needed. She politely told me to come over to her and kneel at her feet. I did so without a second thought.
She then began, “Take my foot and kiss it.” I did as told. “Hold the kiss until I tell you to stop. I want you to do this because I know you enjoy it and for a few minutes I do not want you to utter even one word or be interrupted for any reason whatsoever as I am talking.” I did as told. “When I ask you if you understand something simply press your lips harder on my foot for a second in acknowledgment, do you understand?” I pressed my lips firm to her foot. “I have spent the last week absorbing the information of the book you so wanted me to read and I like its ideas and I believe that the concepts are logical and also I have decided to give you this little fantasy life that you desire. There is one difference though. This is no longer going to be your fantasy alone and I will from now on be controlling this little fantasy as I see fit. It is going to be a very dynamic and permanent part of our marriage from now on. “
“I want to let you know that your behavior and attitude towards our marriage and family over the last year has impressed me much. Your commitment to being active with the daily chores and housework has really helped to ease the burden that for years I was overloaded with. Your assistance with our daughter has been expanded and I appreciate that and thank you. Our marriage has always been very healthy and we both have the extreme love for each other as when we first met. Your love for me shows in your eyes and my love for you is also unwavering. It is good to know that we have kept the spirit of love a constant. There is no one I could have ever loved as much as you. I am proud of you as my husband as I know you are also proud of me as your wife. We have a daughter that has helped to enrich our lives and I know that we both love her without doubt and we are both committed to seeing that she is raised properly.”
“When you first started doing all the little things around the house and for me I was slightly confused and apprehensive about why you were doing all of these things. You had never done laundry or any of the other housework around here unless I specifically asked and even then you did it begrudgingly so I was a little taken aback and wondered why you suddenly were taking up these tasks on your own. I thought at first that maybe you had cheated on me or maybe wasted more of our money at the dog track like you had in the past. As the months went by and I saw that you were committing yourself to serving me as some kinky gesture and I at least began to accept it a little. I let you call me Mistress as a little pet name. I began to accept that you like getting on our knees and kissing my feet as a sign of worship and devotion. I would like that to continue. As a matter of fact, I have decided that there will be times when I will tell you to kneel and kiss them. I may direct you to get on your knees and kiss my *** sometimes also. Maybe when I am undressing from my work attire I will call you up then to do it before you put my clothes on hangers. I am beginning to enjoy this new power. I still cannot help but laugh a little inside but if that is what makes you tick then I have accepted it and I want to let you live out your little fantasy. It still is a little like S/M and I never have gotten into that kind of kinkiness and never will.”

“Reading and understanding Around Her Finger has made me much more aware of where your actions started and why you have been acting this way towards me. There are definitely the undertones of S/M in the book but there are not the whips, chains, leather or handcuffs that I would normally think of with that kink in the past. Nor is there the talk of you being some type of mindless slave that does anything and everything it is told like some object without thinking. I want you to be thinking. I want you to still be a great and thoughtful husband. My take is that there is really only an understanding that you want me to be in control and the head of the household. The book helped explain many things. The husband’s desire is to obey his wife’s wishes. Your opinion is appreciated and considered. From what I have read on the psychology part of the book I understand that most men, definitely including you, wish to be submissive and get very turned on by being just that. When we are by ourselves you like it when I just tell you to do things instead of asking you to do things. I know that you prefer not to be thanked for whatever it is you have done either. So you prefer to not be asked or thanked, I can live with that. From now on I will only tell you want I want done and not be thanking you as you wish. It is not really my nature to do this but if that is really want you want I will try because I know this is what makes you happy for whatever reason. You have let me know that you enjoy doing almost all of the housework. It still seems a little strange to be sitting down and watching television or surfing on the computer while you are working so hard but I do it now because I know that you prefer it to be that way and that is my way of pleasing you. I must admit that I like the free time and I must admit that I am really beginning to enjoy a feeling of my new position that you have earnestly elevated me to. I like the sense of entitlement that I am being treated like a true princess and that you are my knight in shining armor. You have told me many times to consider yourself as my personal servant that sees to all of my needs. I am not totally comfortable with this aspect but slowly it is sinking in and I do it to please you and know that you are still my loving husband first and foremost. You have told me that you are more comfortable with me paying the bills and helping Hannah with her homework most of the time which I am also comfortable with. You have taken over the cooking of the household and your culinary skills have definitely improved. I also appreciate that aspect of your service towards myself and Hannah. I have taken the steps towards understanding your behavior and have decided to accept it for what it is for I know you are doing it with a very deep love of me and also taking care of some deep desire of yours.”
“Since you have led me to an understanding of what you want I am now going to give you an overview of what I expect from now on as far as your behavior and how I expect to be treated in the future. I would like you to listen intently as I speak as I really do not care to repeat myself and will expect you to remember all of the information and instructions I am going to talk about. Do you understand?” I pressed my lips firmly for a second for her.
“This will be a very private agreement between us and no others are to ever know of it in any way. For the most part life will be as usual and things will run as normal as they have been. None of our friends or relatives will ever know of our arrangement here. Most people would not understand and would only ruin our very personal agreement. When we are around our daughter or any mixed company I will usually say please and thank you or “Do me a favor” but internally you are to realize that my requests are still to be considered as any other commands and are simply social necessities. They are to be followed and obeyed without question and your responses are to be social in nature also with no overt showing of your submission. Your behavior will reflect how great of a husband you truly are and I will be complemented by your actions. I would like your behavior to reflect a marriage that others, especially the women, to be very jealous on the inside and only wish that they could have such a beautiful life.” Do you understand?” I pressed accordingly.
“First of all, if you are going to be my servant there will be an understanding that I am to be treated as your queen 24/7 and from the moment you wake until the time you close your eyes to sleep you will keep that thought in your mind. I will also keep in my mind that besides my loving husband you are also my dedicated servant and you will be thought of and treated as such. I am to be cherished and adored and when I speak you will always listen and obey my commands and directions without question. If I ask your opinion on something I will expect a thoughtful response with no hidden sarcasm or childlike emotional behavior.”
“You are to continue our normal morning routine on weekdays of getting out of bed when the alarm goes off and taking care of the coffee, my morning foot rub, starting my shower, providing my retainer case, removing my panties, making the bed, getting Hannah up, fed and dressed, making my breakfast and lunch, getting my workout bag together, etc. I prefer less talk from you unless there is a reason as I like a little silence to collect my thoughts and fully wake up while I shower and get ready for work. If I ask you a question or your thoughts on something you will respond as needed. Otherwise please leave my morning to me. When the time comes when you are applying my lotions I will be more open to the questions you may have as far as what I would like for breakfast and lunch or any other pertinent details that need to be addressed. Do you understand?” I pressed my lips firm again.
“During the workweek I expect you to be up and active at 6:00am sharp each and every morning. I really don’t care if you are tired. If you stay up until midnight watching TV or drinking, by the way, we will be discussing that, it is your problem, I still expect you to be up and about at 6:00am the next morning doing what needs to be done. If you know that you are working late any evening and that you may need to sleep in then discuss this with me in advance. After all, you were the one that wanted this lifestyle. You were the one that introduced it to me and you are the one that nagged me and begged me to read the book. I guess I can say “Be careful of what you wish for” but we both know that you love it and I have become accustomed to your dutifulness. Now that I have decided that I like this lifestyle also I expect certain things to happen.”
“I expect our home to be clean at all times. I work a lot and I provide most of the income for this beautiful house and I expect it clean, very clean. Even when you get your new job rolling we will not be hiring a housekeeper. You have shown to me that you are both willing and capable of handling the cleaning. It will be your choice to do some of the cleaning during week nights or to take on the major portion of the cleaning on the weekend. Regardless, I will expect the jobs done. Do not expect me to be involved. If I decide to help sometimes it will be my decision. I want you to create an Excel program detailing which parts of the house are to be cleaned. The list should include daily, weekly and monthly items that need to be addressed. I realize that we have a lot of areas that need to be cleaned and kept up and that they cannot or need not be cleaned every day. You do an excellent job with the laundry, I must admit, and we know that it is an ongoing process that needs addressed as needed. Window cleaning would probably be done once a month and things such as vacuuming and mopping floors, bathrooms, ironing and overall dusting once a week. Once you have created the list I will review it and make any corrections I see fit. This list will be posted in the laundry room and I will be checking it weekly to see that the items have been accomplished on a timely manner. We will also have a second list on the kitchen island for any last minute items or jobs that come up that will be updated as needed and I would like it reviewed by you and followed through until the tasks are completed. ”
“By the way, lately you have been slacking a little with my ironing. From now on I am implementing this procedure. Let’s make Saturday mornings when I am taking Hannah to dance class your ironing time. Throughout the week I will place my items that need pressed on hangers on the left hand side of your closet. Make some space for them. I expect a very thorough and professional job done on them. When I go to work or am out with my friends my attire is seen and judged by others. By the way, you used to iron my Capri pants and I liked the look of them pressed and not wrinkled. This coming Saturday I would like them all ironed again and from here on check them when you are doing the rest of the ironing. Do you understand?” I pressed my lips again.
“When I come home from work I expect to be greeted at my car and my bags to be brought into the house. You have been slacking there lately also. I don’t know why. After all, you are the one that started this service for me and now when I come home and expect it to be offered, sometimes you are not there. No more off days. Also, keep up the usual asking me of what beverage I might prefer when I enter the house, it is a nice gesture and I like it daily.”
“I know that you try hard to make dinner every evening special and I also know that figuring out what to eat daily is a real chore. I will still help you decide on the weekly menu. I do expect you to come to me when I am not busy doing something else and bring up the subject so that we may discuss it. I would like the tentative menu posted on the refrigerator after we decide on it. I also would like Hannah’s menu for her breakfast, lunch and dinner to be posted with the dinner menus. Create another Excel program for the menu. It is your job to go to the store and get the items needed for the meals and I would like you to ensure that we have meals for at least two to three days in advance so that we are not going to the store every day and wasting money. Do you understand this part of our conversation?” Lips pressed again.
“Let’s address your drinking now. I know this is a delicate subject with you but I have definitely not been happy with your drinking habits. You have been drinking to an excess almost daily and I do not like it one bit. You sometimes get very ugly and nasty to me when you drink in excess. You become very unpredictable in your actions. You start arguments. There was a time when you said that you would ask me if you could drink and you would do it only if I agreed and that you would only drink in moderation. That lasted only a few days. I am now reinstituting that program. From now on I will decide when and how much you are allowed to drink. From now on you will not have any alcohol in the house on a regular basis. If we have a special occasion coming up or if you would like to have a little to drink maybe one night out of the week then approach me in advance and ask. If I approve you may purchase the wine or beer that day. You will be limited to 4 beers or 2 glasses of wine. Do not abuse this privilege or it will be gone. If it has not been decided that it is ok for you to drink that night then it is expected that you will be drinking iced tea or some other non alcoholic beverage that evening. I don’t care if I am having wine or not at the time. I almost never get loaded and like only a glass or two. Just because I decide on myself having a drink will not give you any type of go ahead for you to drink that evening. Again, I will not put up with any childlike behavior over my decisions on this. I would like a special sign of understanding on this.” I pressed my lips hard.
“My workouts at the spa are doing well and I would like to thank you for always putting my things together for me and providing the bottled water for my yoga and pilates classes. Again, don’t start slacking as I have gotten used to them being placed in the car for me on the nights I attend the sessions. Although I have been working out extensively, you have obviously not been working out. Let’s change that. Now that you will not be drinking so much you will spend some time getting yourself back into the shape that should be expected of a dedicated servant husband. The condition you keep your body in is a direct reflection on me and I know that you would like always for me to be looking good. I know on Mondays that you like to watch your “House” program on television. You are allowed to continue to watch the program but while it is on you should be exercising during the commercial breaks. Work on your stomach by doing some sit-ups and make that belly go away. I want you to have a nice heavy workout at least two other times during the week also. During the week or on the weekend if we have time I will let you know if we are going on a walk around the neighborhood for some exercise. Be ready and positive if I say it is time. I consider this a very nice family outing when we do it.”
“Now, would you like to talk to me about your favorite subject, sex?” I pressed my lips as tight as I could press them to her. “Good. This is a subject where we seem to have many an argument about almost weekly because we have never created a true understanding of when I want to have sex and when you want to have sex. I know that you would love licking my ***** three times a day, every day, if you had your way. I do not feel like having sex that often and it is frustrating when I am pressured day in and day out with your relentless pursuit of it. It is no fun to be pressured and it definitely should not be forced upon me just because you are horny. Again, let me refer to your wish and commitment of serving me and seeing to my needs and desires. If it is my desire to not have sex then that is the way it should be that evening. There are times when I only want to have you lying by my side in bed while we watch TV program together. There are times when I am flatly just not in the mood. You need to understand this and accept it.”
“I know most everything you like as we have been married for many years. I have thought on this subject very much as I still enjoy sex with you and love the way you perform for me. Now that I have read this wonderful book of yours and you have relayed to me what really turns you on so much, I have decided how I would like to have your bedroom manners conducted. You enjoy most of all licking my *****. I know it is on your mind a lot during your day. I enjoy it when you do. I also like to look out for your needs for an ****** as you are my husband that I committed to pleasing you also. I have come up with a plan where we will both always know where the night is going if there is going to be sex that evening. Let me take the time to explain on how sex is to be handled in the future.”
“For now on I will be the one initiating any sex. You will conform to this and not be asking or begging for it anymore. On the nights where I decide that I am in the mood and not tired I will let you know during the course of the day or in the early evening hours. I will give you some little subtle hints. Do not expect it to be every day. I am assuming that I will probably decide to have sex every 2-3 days. I may decide on no sex for a week. I may decide to have it three days straight. It is and will always be my decision. Be forewarned that I may change my mind later if I become overly tired, especially after a rough night dealing with our daughter’s behavior. After all, it is usually me that is giving her a bath and putting her to sleep at night. It wears on you. By the way, you will be putting her to bed more often. So, if I have given you a “go” signal earlier it will probably happen but if I change my mind you are not to act as a child and throw a fit. During my nightly foot rub and after our daughter is asleep I will let you know if I have changed my mind or if you are to continue as planned. There may also be times when I have not mentioned that I am in the mood but decide later that I am. During the foot rub I will let you know and you will perform for me. Let me say again, you will be kept on your toes with anticipation of the event. Do you understand?” Another deep kiss on her foot was pressed.
“Unless you have made me aware earlier that you are truly in need of an ****** yourself it will be expected that you are to please me until I have my ****** and me only. After I have my ****** I will let you know and you will get up to provide my nightly amenities such as bottle of cold water and bringing my retainer to me. We will then relax and talk or watch whatever I feel like watching on the television until we fall asleep. If you are really in need of an ****** then you should let me know a few days in advance and your request will be considered. I will still be the deciding factor as to when this will happen and it is not to be expected that it will happen when you think. The next time we have sex it may still only be me having an ******. That is the way I would like it to be. It helps to keep you on your toes and keeps you in the state of mind where I really prefer you to be most of the time which is serving me and my needs. I want you attentive to me at all times. When it comes to you requesting an ******, I prefer that you do not request taking care of your ****** until no less than ten or twelve days after your last one as I really do like your attention you provide to me when you are very horny. I must admit, after you have your ******, the next few days your service diminishes ever so slightly and I notice it.”

“Last but not least, we are to have this exact style of a meeting weekly from now on. I don’t think I will need to bring up the same information every week but I would like to reiterate the ideas and standards that you are to uphold on a daily basis. I know that you really love me and that we have the greatest marriage after all of these years. We have a great family and home that we are proud of. We also know that you enjoy serving me. I fully accept your need for my authoritative control. We can have a very rewarding and fun time with this dynamic. I am really beginning to enjoy it and becoming more comfortable with it. Let’s do have this meeting every Monday morning when the time is available, is that ok with you?” I pressed my lips again.
“Now help me get my things in the car as I don’t want to be late to my second meeting of the day.”

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I presented " The Femdom Experience" by Elise Sutton to her and she was uninterested in reading it. I do carry it wherever I go in my backpack. I long for my wife to control me and be very strict. Someday maybe!