At Her Service

In our marriage, chastity is on me. I wear a chastity cage and she keeps the key. It was always the longest wait for her period to be over and when she finally wants sex from me. I can never ask for it.
Yesterday she wanted sex. She took out the key and removed my cage. I haven erected for 3weeks. I cleaned myself thoroughly for her. I gave her a long body massage and licked her *****, just as what i would do each nite without fail, only this time i could stretch my **** muscles instead of being confined. What a wonderful feeling being freed for a while.
I asked her permission to enter her and performed just as how she requested, from the rhythm to the position, "no **** act **** it!"
Once she was done, she yanked me away by kicking my chest. She had never allowed me to *********. It would be a mess, she said. My erection is only to bring her ******. I went to the washroom to wash up and for my **** to subdue to put back the cage.
I went back to my wife and she put back its lock and smiled at me lovingly.
I licked her sex once again as she loves a warm wet tongue to soothe any sore that she may have.

andy8888 andy8888
36-40, M
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

i am if lucky once year sex have not had it pass two years

Ha ha ha do not get to *** like other men, that's so funny.
It is so sexy when a female wants you to **** her, but will not accept your *** in her!
Nice marriage :)

That's just the way a marriage should be, all for her pleasure!