Submissive Males Only, Please

My first husband tried to control our marriage, we are now divorced.

If I marry again, my husband will have to vow to "Love, Honor and Obey" me. A real man will know that a woman must be in charge, he must submit and NEVER argue. He must admit when he is wrong, speak respectfully at all times and apologize as appropriate.
He should keep the house clean, practice good personal hygiene, learn to cook and provide for my needs.

Idamae Idamae
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My big, strong, athletic wife gave me my first naked adult spanking on our wedding night.


Did you ever spank your husband?

I am a german mature man, divorced and I agree. But where can I find I woman I want love, honour and obey? It is not possible for me to find one ...

As other commenters have said, You are entitled to this level of respect. If You see a male socially, You should make it clear from the beginning. It should start with extreme courtesy on his the "old-fashioned" things like holdong the door for You, etc. Once in a relationship, tease and denial works very well.

Loved the perspective you shared and it feels right to me.

YOU should read my featured story regarding a chastity contract. Every FEMALE should require THEIR male mate to sign it and abide by it!! FEMALES should rule, while us males sit back and drool!!
slave john

so true ***** is in control

My GF controls me through tease and denial. I'm allowed release every 2 weeks or so----depending upon if I've been a good boy or not----if not, the reward of release, supervised, is set back....She orders me to wear panties and an apron to do housework: laundry, dishes, dustmop, clean the bathroom. Spanking is used for errors in housework. My main goal is to please Her; I seek Her approval whe I've finished cleaning the bathroom. She laughs at me while I'm wearing panties and apron and makes fun of me, says I'll make someone a good wife someday. When she goes out with the girls I am put in chastity and given a list of chores to complete. I have seeked out this arrangement with Her and now it's very satisfying for me. After Her initial hesitation, She now finds Her role to be comfortable in the relationship. She can do whatever She wants and I happliy do what She wants. It's working.......

Does it need to by so extreme? i'm into female led relationships but i don't want to be a piece of meat something between a butler and a slave wheres the emotional connection? is it because you had a bad experience? a man can still have the respect of a woman even if she is calling all the shots

My wife has been in charge since day 1 of our relationship. She asked me out and she kissed me the first time. I love her being in charge and knowing my place in the marriage. Sex is always when, where and how she wants it. Even if that means my wife being with other man. I wouldn't have our marriage any other way.

agree 27yo male in cb 6000

Madamme, I meet your requirements & would love to be your sissy (if you would have me).

I fully agree, Idamae. Females today are much better educated, leaving males far behind. So they are much better skilled for the needs of our future, and in a not too distant future they will lead us in all fields of society and public life. It makes sense that males will stay at home, doing all the housework and raising the kids, serving their wives, taking their names in the marriage and submitting to their guidance and control.<br />
My wife is wearing the pants and keeping me in skirts and dresses. And I will be so happy to be her cute and obedient housewife forever when retiring from work in summer this year.<br />
I think all marriages should be that way in future, with our wives in charge, being the head of their families, and males lovingly submitting to it.

I agree Mistress as a man is made to serve, obey, keep his Mistress's home clean, at her service 24/7.

I'm in your exact position! I was married to a very miserable mean alpha man, and this time around, it will be ALL different! I WILL be in charge. <br />
<br />
Hugs to you, and I hope you find the perfect sub for you. :-)

As a male I fully agree with the ladies here. I am of the type that would kick the a$$ of another male that was out of line to the lady and then turn right around and request further direction, if any, from the female. I believe that the male should know his place, along with his duties, that will please the female. He should know his chores and perform them accordingly. I think it would be appropriate to ask for her approval to do such chores but not ask for direction or desc<x>ription of those chores.<br />
<br />
I feel it is appropriate if not mandatory for the male to be nude during chores while the female remains fully clothed as this provides at least two things. It makes, then verifies a statement of dominance and who is in control. Secondly it gives the female an anytime opportunity using nothing more than a glance to verify the males excitement and enthusiasm of the present situation. This can also serve as amusement for her in either seeing his erect state or if flaccid to try different ways of causing an erect state. <br />
<br />
I could go on and on listing other things but I won't, unless ordered to, for fear of causing boredom to the females.

BethHamiltion, you certainly have the right idea. Teaching a male to perform domestic duties is a very good start. Not only should a male "stand" when a female enters a room, they should be made to curtsey. Such formalities keeps them humble. Of course, controlling their sexual desires is paramount. While a female's needs must be addressed immediately, a male's needs must be put on a time schedule, perhaps once or twice a month.

Yes, I agree 100%: all males should have to swear to obey their wives when they get married. Males should be trained to show respect for their wives--ie, standing when they enter a room, addressing them as"ma'am", waiting on them hand and foot.<br />
<br />
The wife should certainly practice home discipline too. Spankings, chores, corner time and any other methods are good. I have recently found that a plastic kitchen spatula applied to a male's bottom leaves it nice and red!

Idamae,<br />
I hope you'll find your man.<br />
I will not do ALL those things you require! Lol

I'm happy married, Idame, and just in recent past we started a Femled relationship.<br />
It's not something we need to formalize outside our bedroom games because it's seems to be natural to me to follow my Wife istructions and satisfy Her as She likes.<br />
Our relationship is going better in late times.<br />
I hope You have success in Your search, Idamae.

Well, nixxon, it sounds as if you are well on your way to learning to be an acceptable male. As more males accept the future, as you seem to have done, the world will be a much better and happier place.

Totally agree with you Adamae. My companion and husband. I signed a deed and rules in this regard. This place of yours marriage contract!<br />
For me to simply enforce.

All males should be required to vow to "obey". Males are very good at domestic duties and, when properly instructed, most of them can perform fairly well sexually. Once they accept the fact that women are better educated and can easily earn more money they will realize that submission is a better lifestyle. Males who submit to female discipline find life much less complicated. I have learned that keeping a male in panties or other feminine clothing helps a great deal to control their behavior. A male who focuses on his feminine attributes is learning to become the man of the future.

There's something very appealing in strong dominant women, almost hypnotic for men like me. A few years ago, the office ***** (whom everybody either hated or feared but certainly at least respected) told me something like "you're lucky you have a girlfriend 'cause otherwise I'd have had you". She said that matter-of-factly, without even a smile and with such finality in her voice, such confidence that if she had really pursued me, I wouldn't have dared refuse her favours. She would have made me love and worship her, I'd have obeyed her in all things and adhered to her rules. I would have been a dedicated, loyal and faithful husband to her, but would never have dared expecting from her that she equally restricted herself to my person only. A woman like that could have made me accept she'd have sex with the best man before me on our wedding night!

With my first husband. I was pretty nearly submitted. He died, accident. I did not want a husband like that. I met my current boyfriend. And I consider him my husband. Him the least he respects me. He let me get my dominant side. He is very submissive and very loving. It allows me to achieve as a woman.

My wife and are planning on renewing our wedding vows next year. The first time we did the traditional vows, which we both agreed at the time were backwards. So during the renewal I get to say the part about "love, honor and obey". I have been doing it all along, but saying it outloud during the ceremony will be wonderful. I will be standing on the normal bride's side as well.

I would love to obey you. I am an aspiring Sissy and would relish being cuckolded - though I cannot, unfortunately, claim to have a small sissyclit.

and what are your needes ..????

I'm at your service darliin'

I'm not suggesting myself, though, in case you are wondering. I'm already happily married.

Idamae,<br />
<br />
It appears to me that you would find exactly what you are looking for in 6 inches plus sissy. So would he.

I would be your devoted sub, your sissy, your toy to humiliate in front of anyone you wanted to, and I would, naturally, obey your every wish.

Six or more inches, thank you. Little boys are not desired.

I believe this is the way it was meant to be. Following the woman's lead is the only way for a couple to be happy. I am not a sissy, I am a strong man and put no other man above me, but with women I know my place.

A "Sissy" is okay and might even be preferable as long as they meet the other requirements.