I Am A Dominant Wife

I have been married for 5 years and I am firmly in charge of our home and our marriage. I new when I got married that I did not want a traditional marriage. I had seen too many women who let men walk all over them. I didn't know anything about Female-Led relationships either at the time, but my soon-to-be hubby introduced me to the idea.

So far I have subjected my hubby to paddlings and spankings when I felt he needed them. Now I am considering other measures to further control hubby. One thing I am considering is asking him to wear panties. Of course, when I say "ask" I don't mean it in the sense of getting his approval but in the sense if telling him!

I also currently have him on an allowance. I am considering taking his allowance away as a form of punishment too, so he won't have any money for the week.
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What you are doing is Wonderful! PLEASE be sure to get him into Panties and other feminine Clothing....Feminizing men is the Best way to Control them.! Thank You for what you are doing!

Thank you for the advice. I have experimented with putting him into panties and bra. MArvelous!

My husband just came to me and asked to submit to me fully. I am very new to this and need some advice and guidance. I have apprehensions- if anyone out there can help me that would be great- we have been together 13 years and are 30/31 years old.

My advice would be to start slowly and take it at your own pace. Most important, is this something you are interested in exploring? Throw away the image of the leather-clad mistress with a whip--that's not what this is about.

It's about your hubby being attentive to your needs.

What gives YOU pleasure? A hot bath? Have hubby draw you a nice hot bath and leave you lone while you enjoy it. Watching a nice movie on Sunday instead of football? TELL hubby that you will be watching a movie and he can busy himself cleaning the kitchen. THIS is what it's all about. Good luck!

Start with a meeting of the minds: Have him explain his desire and what it will mean to submit to you. Seize the opportunity as a means first to greater intimacy and bond between you. Emphasize love that underpins and remains after everything else. Ask him to write out an agreement that outlines your expectations for him and his pledge to obey you. If he accepts the presence of a witness to the agreement, e.g. your friend, sister, so much the better.

He is a lucky guy to have soneone like you willing to lead himblike that
Wish i had same

my wife in charge of our marriage been so for over 15 years i am lock in cb3000 in panties i do all house work i obey my wife women are superior reguardless of age i must obey or get punished<br />
it was very hard wtih wife leading the marriage when the girls were young an at home but not that they are married she as regain her full strength back an i boey

@Idamae....you are a dream come true. if more women would adopt your attitude and positions, more guys would be thrilled than they have ever been thrilled in their lives.

Wanna dominate me in cam? Love to do anything u want me to...

Wonderful, Mistress Beth, you are turning the tables to be completely in charge ! A modern husband (or call him "hubbie"!) should be happy to be under his wife┬┤s guidance and control. I think sooner or later female led marriages will become a mainstream phenomenon in the 21st century.<br />
My wife is wearing the pants, keeping me in skirts and dresses at home (and often when we go out). So I have become her cute, vulnerable and obedient sissy, and I am proud of it. Will be her housewife at home forever when retiring from work next year. Yes, we can be so happy to have our assertive, dominant wives !

So much good advise from obviously experienced women. My only comment has to do with his feminine attire. Definitely put him in panties. and if he belongs to a gym, insist he wear them there. where hopefully he will be exposed. Nothing to keep a husband in place than to expose his femininity. Oh, and one other thing. As he does his domestic chores, insist he wear heels, approx 3" ones. That is one more way to remind him of his dependance on you.

Having him waer more and more Feminine clothing can be Quite Effective in controling men. Especially with the cooler waether, perhaps have him wear pantyhose or tights...on a male they are so Enticing, and puts him more under your control!

Some men, myself included, have issues with with women's lingerie that goes beyond and outside of humiliation. If you introduce him to panties only as a punishment, and he is secretly thrilled by the opportunity to wear them, you may be opening the door to behaviors you did not want or intend, including disobedience, in his hope that you will punish him in that particular way. <br />
<br />
It would be better, at first, to simply require him to wear the panties as a constant reminder that , In your house, feminine power prevails.

All males need to learn submission. It is wonderful that you have gained the level of control that you have after five years of marriage. Most certainly, put him in panties. Not ordinary panties, buy the very effeminate ones on line, the ones with a lace butt and bows. You might as well do it right from the start. Teach him to clean the house to your satisfaction, do the laundry and, if necessary, send him to cooking school. <br />
<br />
Absolute control of his sexual desires is essential. He should not be allowed to ********** or engage in any other sexual activity which will permit him to ********* without your permission.<br />
Without absolute control of his sexual desires, you have no control at all. He should learn to provide you with sexual satisfaction long before he is permitted to engage in any such event. He should be required to wear a chastity device to assure compliance.<br />
<br />
As for punishments, there is no end to a woman's creativity. Make him wear flat woman's shoes whenever you go out. Make him carry your purse. When I public, make him say "Yes, ma'am", etc. Do not allow him to speak to a waitress. You order whatever you want him to eat. <br />
Make him curtsey to you when he enters or leaves a room. There is no end to the controls you can impose.

Ms Beth, it is very significant that You say "I ask" and he automatically consider it an order. It means You don't even have to give him a formal order but Your slightest wish is literally his command. There is a calm assertiveness in this and it is to Your credit that You fulfill Your role with politeness and courtesy without having to force His obedience.

****** control is actually essential. Alcohol too. He must own demand. We can make them do what they want.