About to Be Wife Led.

I'm getting married in a couple of months and it has already been decided that my soon to be wife will be in charge.  In fact she is already in charge.

I closed out my bank account and put all of my money into hers.  It is a joint account but she calls all of the shots when it comes to money.  She has me on an allowance.  When we went picking out what we wanted on our wedding gift list she asked me what my favorite color is and when I told her she scanned all of the kitchen items that was my favorite color. 

She is in charge and I'm her helpmate and I'm happy with how things are working and how they will work.  It turns me on when she brings up that our relationship will work like a traditional marriage with the twist being that I take the traditional wife's role and she will be the head of household.  She thanks me for being gentle and nurturing and she thanks me for being supportive of her career.  I look forward to taking care of the house, kids, and making sure the house is clean for her.  I wouldn't have it no other way.

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nice... just nice. the way it should be.

I had been dating my current fiance for two years when she suddenly told me she was not attracted to me sexually. We were apart for 2 miserable months, and when she called to say she wanted to talk abut us, it was to understand she wanted to be married and to no longer have to work . We discussed the possibilities and i proposed a Female Led marriage arrangement. She loved the idea and we spelled out all the datails on paper, discussing all the options, with her deciding what and how we would live. We plan to be married soon and she will take full financial and domestic control. I am thrilled!

So, are you married yet? Please up date us on the wedding and honeymoon? Did she spank you right away to celebrate the neptuals?

My wife and I both wear the aprons in our household. We are on equal footing and make jount decissions on all matters. We like it that way.

Banker13, most people dislike control freaks. It seems to me that you and your wife have never had an agreement on how to take decisions that concern both of you. That makes it very hard to live together.

congrats!! You wont be dissapointed. A female led marriage is always successfull. It forces you to be more loveing and understanding to your wife and her needs. And when she is happy you will be too.

I think it's very cool that you are embarking on this new lifestyle with such a great woman. I hope that part of your ceremony will subtly establish your submitting to her(such as you telling her you will love, honor and OBEY her in your vows) that way it will be more meaningful than just an agreement.

congratulations on your upcoming wedding, if you really want to take the wifes role which i think is awesome,then you must take your wifes last name in marriage and make sure you always use the proper title the title is( Mrs.& Mr.) she should always be first in title and make sure you get used to writing it the correct way be sure to tell your family & friends so they will know who the real boss of the house is

excellent idea.

Far be it from me from me to criticise couples who want a D/s relationship. If that makes them happy, they have my blessing. But what if one day the submissive wants and needs more space, more freedom, more money, more rights? What if one day he or she finds the cage that once seemed safe and comfortable an unacceptable restriction? You may not want to assert yourself now. But please reserve the right to change your mind. Submissives have rights and freedoms too, even if sometimes they choose not to exercise them.<br />
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Thank you for your support.

i am already living that life and i love it. My Wife is gentle yet fimr andShe always knows best. Good luck, you will ove it too!