Great Vacation

We just came back from long weekend with three other couples where the males are submissive. We found a small guesthouse that owned by a friend lady that support this type of vacation.
Our wives had a great time relaxing and resting while we, the husbands, serve them with food, drinks massges manicure and more.
We were dressed like sissies and had chastity belt all the time. There was a nice carpet in every room for the husband if wife want him there, or alternatively there was a basement if the wife had plans for the night that did not include her husband.
At the end of the vacation all the ladies decided to develop this place as a "female led vacation" house. I think its a good solution for couples that really live in this type of relations.
doronen doronen
41-45, M
4 Responses May 6, 2012

thats really cool, did the ladies bring other men to the house to get ******?

Sweet !!!

I just have to know where this place is. My wife would love me to take her there.

I love it and hope you all the best. A Woman deserves a good sissy wife to help her in life!