My Dominant Wife

My wife is totally dominant over me and I LOVE IT. I adore her and wouldn't have it any other way. I never talk back inside or outside the bedroom. She has me do most of the housework and rub her feet and body at night. Many other things go on also but that's another story

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Yes She goes out with Her ex boyfreind once a week. While She is out, i have a list of chores which include cleaning all bathrooms, dusting, clean kitchen, do all floors on hands and knees, laundry, iron and fold, cook dinner, lick all her flip flops clean and any other task She demands. When SHe and her boyfreind arrive home, i bow to their feet and offer them a drink, then lick the soles of both of their feet while they laugh at me. i love my WIFE

well we are certainly alike than. Like you I absolutely love serving my wife. She is considering locking me up are you? She is also femming me & I am really starting to love it. She hinting at dating other men as well. Does your wife cuckold you??

Your story is great. i am in a similar marriage with my wonderful and very very dominant wife. i am Her total servant. i take care of the house chores, paying bills cooking and I am the bread winner too. She has all the time in the world to pamper Herself, relax and even go out with other men while i patiently wait on her hand and foot and await my ORDERS!!!!!!!!!