My Wife Rules Me and I Obey Herwatchwhil

we have been married 14 years and for the past 5 years i have been her total obedient servant. i do all the house chores, yard work errands, i wait on her hand and foot, ask her permission to watch sports, pay for everything, and watch while she dates other men .  when she arrives home she allows me to lick the bottoms of her feet clean.  i love and WOrSHIP HER.  my wife is my owner and i am her humble and very very obedient servant!!!!!!

Herservant Herservant
41-45, M
4 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Does it not hurt to see your wife with another man? Knowing is very painful. I dont think I could take it.

It sounds like you have a wonderful wife.

I too do all i can to make sure she is happy; i help her pick out clothes for the dates she goes on; clean the bathroom when she is done and lay at the foot of the bed to rub her feet every night when she comes home. She loves this lifestyle and rewards me often for my submissiveness.

Awesome story, I also am her total servant. She has me in panties 24/7. It helps me remain submissive she says. So does your wife cuckold you or has she gone that far. I think my wife is considering it, she is hinting that it will happen soon