Female-led Relationship Is Best

When we decided to marry, we had each been married before, as a female-led relationship. She gave me my weekly allowance, handled the banking, the bills, and really everything. I lost weight, I stuck with jobs, I never looked at other women. This was a wonderful time for us both. I watched my wife become confident, aggressive, happy. She thrilled knowing that without a doubt her man was hers to control and enjoy. Then menopause came into our lives. We talked about what the doctors would proscribe and the affects that would likely result and she decided to do nothing. She would let this unfold as it would. The result was a total change in her. One afternoon she announced that she was through being the leader. I have no idea if she will ever return to the woman I married but I can advise every man and woman to consider adopting a female-led relationship because it is wonderful. The best.
patrick2121 patrick2121
2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Patrick 2121. Maybe you 2 should consider counsel with a therapist. She probably needs it, and, in time you will too.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does this poor Woman know what She is giving away. It is not all about sex. Actually, very little is about sex. Sex is what you have when you want it. It is all about having the male you have chosen and love, being yours to control and keep super attentive. To pleasure Our every whim.