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all females must led men in marriage and more men are becoming housemaids to us as  its  becoming more common for men  tp learn  housework as more woman are coming out  of  higher education than men , and its inevitable that men will loose jobs to woman,  and learn to serve us  more , as its becoming a womans world .


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I am a man and i agree with reluctantly. and, very reluctantly a am now a house husband who obey the wise , serve the wife. I lost my job and ha dbeen unable to earn enough to be of any help to the family. my wife own a shop and had been making a lot of money.
My macho manhood start to tame down day after day.
One day, I quarral with my wife when i found her with another man walking out of a hotel.
she claim that he is her business associate. I yeel at her at home.she is so frust and angry that she slap me across he face and said that i am a man of no use. she stress that if i am ever a man i should do what a man shoul do by going out there to earn for the family.
she said that i am now actually living as a woman or wife but i rfuse to admit it. she claimed that i should admid that i am actually a wife and she is my husband. if i am ever a man i should admid that in frond of her. but, i never have the balls to admid. then, how to be considered a man.
she should that she never have anything with the man.
But, if she ever have any affair with any man, what can I do with her.
She gave me a choice of either to admi that I am now a house husband and remain as a man or admid that I am a house husband or a wife and start wearing skirt at home. Or, we just have to divorse.
I thing and think and had to face fact of live that it is now a woaman`s world.she is right. if i am ever a man , i should be the bread earner.when she is the bread earner, i must ad least admid to her that i am jo more a man. thus, i need to be train as her househusband and wear skirt at home as a mean to tame down my pride as a man.

it already has happened to me. My WIfe is the head of our household, and yes, i took her name in marriage. i am the housewife. my main purpose is to obey, serve and please Her. She makes all the decisions. i have been feminized. i believe that will be the wave of the future. i believe in complete Female control of the world. Hopefully soon. She has made me so happy! and i love Her!

i already have had it happen. My WIfe is the head of our household, and yes, i took her name in marriage and vowed at our wedding to love, honor and obey Her! i am so happy!!

Yes i cant wait for this to happen for women to be in control of men and that's why we are living that way already, it makes much better sense and works much better to.

Our society would be stupid to renounce this emerging female intellectual power and creativity.<br />
Nothing could be more right, Linda: With our females leaving the guys far behind in nearly all fields of education, we should be prepared that women will lead in marriage and relationship, and in our society as a whole in a not too distant future. In our future society males should be proud of them and lovingly support them. I will love it to see that there are more women out there like you !

Females in Charge...The NEW World Order!!

A splendid note and 2 good replies.

I completely agree. And their own Mothers should have made them learn .... or else!

Yes, that is where it must begin. Men don't become sissies in adulthood, but as children, taught by controlling mothers. Thank god I was.

Hopefully morre women will be Feminizing their sons as well as their husbands. Feminine Men will be the Future, working at the "Helper" Positions to our Strong and Independent Women!

What you say makes a lot of sense to me. Now if I can just work out how to communicate this to my wife... :)