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Male submission. It should be universal. Most couples don't know what they are missing. My wife is in charge and that is the way it should be. She does what she wants. I do what she wants. It is a wonderful lifestyle. SHES BOSS and  I love it. I do all domestic chores and can spend no more than is in my household budget.  When we go out ,she drives, she pays. When we take a trip , She plans, I pack. To most men it is humiliating to subject to a woman. Not me. She is my Lover and I submit to her.

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I love what "litttlelarry" says above, "she does what she wants and I do what she wants"<br />
My wife does not consider herself to be the head of the house, but she IS, very much so.<br />
She doesn't spank me but while in a store when she says "stand and wait for me here"<br />
I stand and wait for her exactly where she said. Yesterday, in a womens clothing store,<br />
she said "hold my purse and these bras and sit in this chair while I look around". <br />
I did and loved every minute. (by the way, we were in a small store and she said it loud<br />
enough for most women to hear)

Deal with him? The strap and cane guide his behaviour. The rule is here that he obeys My rules or he is punished. Simple. oh, and always on the bare backside too.

Yes, I agree too. william is very obedient - or else he is punished and I am a great believer in the efficiency and effectiveness of corporal punishment. Anyone want to discuss?<br />
<br />

It is a beautiful way to be, I agree! My wife and I had lunch at a restaurant yesterday, and the waiter handed us both menus. My wife took mine from me with a smile to the waiter and said, "He doesn't need one". When he returned for our orders, she told him what she would be having, and then she told him what I'd be having, and to his credit, he never batted an eye, was as gracious as could be-- I liked him immediately for that. Sometimes it can be a little awkward for the poor folks, lol. Anyway, we both had the tilapia, but she had hers with a crab and lobster sauce. She ordered mine served "naked", with only steamed vegetables. She got a kick out of the "naked" part. I love every second of being under her control!

That's awesome