My Wife Is My Boss At Home And At Work

My wife leads at home-- and she is also my supervisor at work. We are both in the energy business, and she is my direct boss at work, and I answer to her there six days a week.

At the end of the day, she comes home to the dinner I've fixed, and me in my slippers, my legs carefully shaved and toes painted. She picks my nail color every Thursday. I'm not sure why Thursday, but that's the day she likes me to change. I wear girl's clothes at night and fill her tea glass and wash the dishes. She watches TV and works on her computer, we talk about the day and I fawn over her. It's a very relaxing time.   

When she goes to bed at night, there is a Mistress card on her pillow, depicting some form of silly boy kissing his Mistress' butt, or a Mistress spanking a boy with a hairbrush, etc, and a Lindt Lindor chocolate (actually she usually likes to eat this right after dinner).

I have a lot of the cards, and came up with the idea one night when she complimented me on my bed-making skills-- "I feel like I sleep in a four-star hotel-- all except for the chocolates on the pillow".  Well! That wouldn't do, so from then on she has a chocolate on her pillow. The accompanying card was my idea.

She's very vocal at work about my position under her thumb, and I submit to her in all things. We argue, we discuss, but it's difficult to come out on top when the person you're debating with can tell you where to stand in Walmart-- "stand there while I go to the lady's room".  Yes ma'am, I say, rooted to the spot.  When she returns she'll say, "Now what were we arguing about?" I haven't the faintest.  She wins. 

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Hot wife you might have, I also do the dishes and wash her clothes every day. She reminds me to if I fail to finish.